Kung Fu Fighting for Self Defense : How to Escape a Choke Hold Using the Kung Fu Crane Escape Method

Hi! I’m Grand Master Ike Bear of the Wu family Shaolin Black Dragon Kung Fu System, here on behalf of expert village. Our first clip is going to demonstrate practical application of traditional kung fu form. For more information go to www.shaolinblackdragon.com. I’m going to demonstrate escape using the crane method from a double forward choke. She’s going […]

Maintaining Back Control:Seatbelt Grip – The Philosophy Behind Oga’s Jiu-Jitsu

Hello Professor Oga, Hello Today is a sequel to the last video This kid has some questions for professor Oga So what is your question for today? So, it’s from backcontrol with one hook in having my opponent to the overhook side. And I’m not quite able to put the other hook in. In this situation, my opponent […]

Wing Chun Kung Fu for beginners lesson 4 – The Four Corners Theory with English Subtitles

Hello, there. My name is Lena. I have been practicing Wing Chun Kung Fu for many years. Today I’m going to explain you the four corners theory in Wing Chun. The four corners theory is very important in Wing Chun. Using the knowledge of this theory you can easily determine how to protect yourselves against any strike. Remember […]

🤜🏻🥋2-2 EL CLASICO: KUNG-FU FIGHTING!🥋🤛🏻 (Barcelona vs Real Madrid highlights goals 2018)

Suarez: El Clasico! Ronaldo: El Clasico! Dead meat! Suarez: No mercy! Arsene: What? Suarez: Not you, d***head Arsene: Oh. Suarez: Every player was… Kung-fu fighting! HA! Ronaldo: I equalised fast as… Lightning! Suarez: Messi’s skills were… totally… Frightening! OOOO! Ronaldo: Argh! Bale scored with expert timing! Alba was chocking long haired men! Messi: Ramos barged Suarez in the […]

Beginner Kyokushin Karate Techniques : Learn Basic Kyokushin Karate Moves

On behalf of Expert Village, my name is Tony Capraro, Sensei of Kyokushin Karate, Without Limits Inc, 1652 Richmond Avenue Staten Island New York. We are here today to present to you basic Kyokushin technique. We are now going to demonstrate all of the basic elbow strikes in Kyokushin Karate. Right Sanchin Dachi Mate. Iji-mawashi, right round-house elbow […]

Warm Up Drills for Israeli Martial Arts : Elbow Hook Drill for Israeli Martial Arts

In this clip we are going to warm up for our Israeli Martial Arts workout using our hook with the elbow. So from our guarding stance again, we are going to throw a hook. A conventional hook, of course, is with your fist, you pivot your body. We are going to use our elbow for the hook, okay. […]