Master Z: The Ip Man Legacy

“Wing Chun master Cheung Tin-chi defend the community with martial arts.” “Cheung Tin-chi challenged martial arts Masters and become the Grandmaster.” “Wing Chun versus Cheung Tin-chi fights against Ip Man behind closed doors.” “Produced by: Raymond Wong & Donnie Yen” “Directed by: Yuen Wo Ping” “Wing Chun master Cheung Tin-chi walks away from the world of martial arts” […]

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Bruce Lee! “Hey my sugar mint girl…” “I’m your refreshing jigarthanda” “My colourful girl…” “Sweet baby, sweetheart…” “Darling…the pupil of my eyes” “Come on my sweet demon” “Do something you are not supposed to…” “Lady!” “When I think of you…Hot…” “Turn and French me” “There’s no stopping” “My little banshee…” “Lady, you are my heartbeat” “The centre of […]

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He transforms into an action hero every time he has alcohol “Hey there, ugly face Kumar!” “Don’t interrupt Keep quiet for sometime” “Don’t make a fuss, don’t show off…” “I’m a criminal, dont play your games with me” “A new born…” “that was me,” “Now she changed me to Baasha!” “I was useless but…” “she changed me…” “and […]