Connecting Karate techniques.Ki-Karate.Tanja Mayer

Welcome to Ki-Karate Dojo Shugyo my name is Tanja Mayer today I show one technique combination from shotokan Karate age uke, mae geri, gyaku zuki I´ll show the combination and give you three tipps to let the techniques feel comfortable and look good first tipp to keep the pressure upon the age uke to the opponent (here imagine […]

Historia del Karate Do 🥋 [Primera Parte] 👊🏻👊🏻🔥🔥 1/3

What is karate do? Karate Do is a Martial Art, and as art it implies constant practice and constant learning. It is the art with which we exercise mind and body for the improvement of health in daily life But in case of emergency it is an art of self-defense In most cases we fight with our bodies, […]

Judo Winter Camp 2017

Again this year, the Winter Stage of the project Judo in the Dojo, was held at the traditional venue Dojo Kenshiro Abbe in Corridonia. This initiative that, for several years, has been contributing to the improvement of the Italian Judo and its practitioners, has become a schedule to keep. The stage took place from 2nd to 5th January […]

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