Martial Arts Websites vs ClickFunnels & Page Builders

Hey, this is George Fourie from Martial Arts Media, and in this video, I’m going to give you my take on websites versus ClickFunnels, or what I’m going to refer to is real martial arts websites, I’ll explain why in a minute, versus ClickFunnels, Leadpages, and other page builders. So I think there’s a bit of confusion in […]

What Kind of Karate is in Cobra Kai? | ART OF ONE DOJO

Fear does not exist on this channel, does it? Pain does not exist on this channel, does it? Defeat does not exist on this channel, does it? All right, all right, all right, all right, you got the idea. It’s no secret that YouTube’s newest show, “Cobra Kai,” is an internet sensation. But we’re not going to review […]

Martial Arts Training: The Top 5 Finding a Martial Arts School for Children

Inoculating your child against violence I’m gonna give you my top five things I would look for in finding a good school for your child or even yourself stay tuned Hi I’m Shihan Marty Husband and welcome to Shihan’s Dojo today I’d like to share with you my top five ideas on what you need to look for […]

Martial Arts Training & Fitness : Jab-Cross Punch for Martial Arts Fitness

Hi! Next we’re going to work on jab-cross. Let’s get into the stance first because that’s important. You’re going to put your left leg in front and slightly bend your front knee and have your back foot off to the side a little bit. Never be like this like you’re on a tight rope. It’s really hard to […]

Martial Arts Training & Fitness : Back Kick for Martial Arts Fitness

Next we’re going to do a back kick, which is just like it sounds, the kick going straight back. I added some 5 pound ankle weights if you want to get more of a workout. You’re going to hold the desk or something that is sturdy and that can support you so you don’t fall over. You’re going […]

Martial Arts Training & Fitness : Axe Kick for Martial Arts Fitness

Next, we’re going to do an axe kick. It’s called an axe kick because it’s just like an axe. It comes down. When you raise your leg, you need to kick it very high. Preferably up here, and you’re going to use your foot to come down on somebody’s nose or their shoulder. If you can’t kick high […]

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