Tae Kwon Do Strikes and Kicks : Taekwondo Front & Back Punch

In this clip we’re going to be going over our basic front punch and back punch. Our first move is our front punch. So starting from the beginning. Our show position. Clash, show. Guarding stance our left chimney. Keeyah. In the front punch, we punch out, power coming from our shoulder, our hand rotating as we punch out […]

Taekwondo Kicks : Taekwondo Step Behind Side Kick & Jump Side Kick

In this clip we’re going to be learning how to do a step behind side kick and the jump side kick and we’re going to put those two kicks together. O.k, so a step behind side kick, you’re going to go step, behind, side kick and that’s going to be your offensive side kick. Offensive means attacking, so […]

Martial Art Bo Staff Techniques : Kneeling Bo Staff Techniques

CALEB LABARDA: Hi! My name’s Caleb Labarda. I’m here at Expert Village and today I’m going to be going over the [SOUNDS LIKE] kneeling bo staff. Now, another good way to do a form is also, remember instead of staying high you’re going to also want to come low. So if you’re doing your form you can go […]

Doing 720 Martial Arts Kicks : Doing a Jump Reverse Crescent Martial Arts Kick

CALEB LABARDA: Okay. Now, the next kick we’re going to learn how to do is a jump reverse crescent kick. So you must learn how to be able to jump in the air and do a spin reverse crescent kick ’cause that’s going to also be part of our 720. You gotta be able to do one spin […]

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