Edward Norton Talks ‘Fight Club’ and ‘Motherless Brooklyn’ | [EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW]

Frank Minna, private eye. – Boys. Frank, frankly, frank-idy, frank-o! He gave me a place in this crappy world. Until I screwed up. Frank! I read the novel ‘Μotherless Brooklyn,’ just before it came out. I got threads in my heads! I got threads in my heads, man! The character struck me right away. I twitch and shout […]

Elizabeth Banks on Assembling ‘Kick Butt’ Trio for Charlie’s Angels Reboot

Good to see you. I love that dress. Thank you. Looks fantastic. Color. Yes, a lot of color. Like the Lego Movie. Filled with color. Yes, it is. It looks like a Lego type dress. Like, it could be made of Legos. Yes, all my movies influence my style. So this is the Lego Movie influencing my style. […]

Professional animator’s workflow in Japan + Advice. Director Suzuki Sensei Interview 2/3

Hey! This is the second part of my interview to Suzuki from Basara. Previously we talked about his history, his career, how he entered to the Japanese animation industry… This time we’ll go deeper and talk about the struggles, what does he enjoy, and he will be giving advice to aspiring animators. What is the current flow of […]

Animator’s life in Japan! Freelance vs in-Company. Oda Sensei Interview 2/10

What is the thing you enjoy the most on working in the anime industry? The fact that I do what I like to do! Laugh When you are a freelancer, you don’t know if more work will come. In the last 2-3 years, there has been many anime. Even if I reject some proposals, more work comes. The […]

Inside Look to an Anime Studio Director’s Career! Suzuki Sensei Interview 1/3

Hello! Thank you for letting me “examine” you. – You mean “interview”. – Interview* Hey! It’s Mar, author of Believe in Fake Magic saga. Today I am interviewing for you a professional animator in Japan in his own Studio. So, we’ll enter there and I’ll ask him more about how he entered to the animation industry 40 years […]

Anime Studio Director Suzuki Sensei Comments on Graduation Short Film! Interview 3/3

You, Suzuki Sensei, were one of the teachers who helped our group create the graduation project Return the Favor. So, I would like to show you the final video, and receive comments about it. Is that ok? Sure. Yaaay! The music suits the atmosphere. Thank you! it”s really good. What? The music is done matching the visuals. As […]