T’ai Chi Ch’uan Ti I Lu – Kung Fu Chang (with description of Master Cuturello) [eng subs available]

is about to enter the Master Chang Dsu Yao’s school a school of Kung Fu of northern Cina “Classic” Kung Fu of northern Cina This reality in Piemonte and in Turin has already a life over 30 years The athletes that are about to line up are going to show about what is defined like the Internal Style […]

Mas Oyama Kata Naihanchi (Tekki) Kyokushin Ryu Karate

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03 Balance

This face is close to the Zen master. Balance. The balance point is going to control. Without it, after we’ve lost it, we can’t handle ourselves. We are cooperating with the whole universe. Each are keeping certain conditions. 50/50. When he tries to turn around, we repeat the same thing. Otherwise, if he turns, he can hit me. […]