Syria: Kurdish women fighters vow to avenge soldier’s death

A video unbearable to watch. “Watch closely you PKK pigs!” Shouting god is great, Syrian rebels supported by Turkey show the lifeless body of a Kurdish fighter. Barin Kobani is naked and mutilated. The rebels have been accused of cutting off her breasts, which they have denied. The video has sparked fury in the north of Syria. “Not […]

Red vs. Blue S8 Tex fights Reds and Blues in awesome action sequence | Rooster Teeth

red vs blue SO COOL F.I.L.S.S.: Alarm, security breach, level Alpha. All personnel, report for duty. This is not a drill. SIMMONS: Run! GRIF: Oh crap! Where is she? SIMMONS: I don’t wanna die! CABOOSE: Sheila, we have to help them. F.I.L.S.S.: Help who? – The Reds! Tex is attacking them, we have to stop her. – Stop […]

Karate Kid and Cobra Jai star Robert Garrison is dead at 59

Robert Garrison, who played Tommy in the Karate Kid films, died Friday at age 59, according to TMZ The actor had been in a West Virginia hospital for some time dealing with multiple health issues, according to his family In addition to his Karate Kid role, Robert was known for a variety of TV appearances, including in the […]


Pain plus reflection leads to progress you have to make mistakes to grow You never tell some of the third gets the only reward effort I Want Joe average to know what I know about Olympic athletes? Nothing will ever replace hard work you got to find. What’s the best training system for you? I’ve just been challenged […]

Mixed Martial Arts in New Mexico:

[HEAVY PANTS, THUDS] -To embody compassion, you must change and transform the negative emotional reactions. -Ho! [GRUNTS] -An electric finish. -When the feeling starts to arise, that used to bring a negative reaction, it brings intense clarity. -On your way, Jessup. -We heard them making all kind of noise. We came over and beat them off, blasted them […]

Mixed Martial Arts in Pakistan:

[SPEAKING URDU] -Fresh out of the blue, [INAUDIBLE] from Pakistan, Bashir “Somchai” Ahmad. -Bashir Ahmad from Pakistan will have many, many viewers watching on Star Sports in that part of the world when you’re looking at the man that they call the pioneer of mixed martial arts in your country. BASHIR AHMAD: The first step. To me, going […]