Mental Toughness in CrossFit and Martial Arts

As a CrossFitter, you’re doing push-ups and burpees and wall balls and presses and push presses every week. And cumulatively, you’ve done—here’s an epiphany, a big fancy word for lightbulb moment— you’ve actually done more core-to-extremity in the kinetic chain of that push-up or that push press is that same movement as a palm strike. You’ve actually done […]

SPARTA company. Manufacturer of equipment for martial arts and CrossFit.

Hello. My name is Dmitry Melnikov, and I am the founder of SPARTA company. Now just 30 seconds I will give a briefe introduction about us Who are we? What are we doing? Company SPARTA – is professional since 2012 in the designing, development, graphics manufacture and assembly halls for martial arts and CrossFit and “turnkey” projects. We […]