Travail des 2 mains – Bunkai Empi – KARATE

This vdeo is brought to you by What’s up karateka friends, hope you’re great! Still in St-Jean-en-Royans and going to punch Adrian, beacause he wanted me to strike him for a long time. Today, Empi bunkai. Let’s get out of the axis, but he continues. One, two, three and going inside to strike. Of course, we can […]

Karate – Bassai Dai – Traverser la forteresse ou l’art de se surpasser []

Hello and welcome to, clear and net karate. So I BANDELIER Bruno, Karate Professor of net and today, we’ll do a Kata which is in the advanced kata is Bassai Dai. So it is a kata that is required for the passage of the second Dan. In time, we had to pass the first Dan but now […]

Bunkai Tekki Shodan – Karate avec Lionel Froidure

This video is brought to you by What’s up karateka friends, hope you’re graet! Enjoying the semiar here in St-Jean-en-Royans and filming this episode of Thursday Karate. Today, let’s train on Tekki Shodan bunkai (naihanchi) So let’s do this part of the bunkai of Tekki Shodan. Often it’s kinda confusing for karatekas. As for Yin-Yang, your hands […]

Etirements pour libérer les hanches []

Hello everyone, and welcome this new video on So today, I’ve prepared a video on stretching. The stretches that you can do to improve your kicks. So we will see all that is stretching quadriceps, glutes, hamstrings, adductors the lower back, abs; basically the entire shoulder girdle, voila! For kicks, and even, I say kicking but even […]

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