Fight of the Living Dead: Paradise Calls – OFFICIAL TRAILER

In 2016,ten YouTube stars took part in an epic challenge…Go, go, go, go, go, go.…to survive the zombie apocalypse for 72 hours.[panting]Only two returned.Hurry, get out of here! ♪♪Today,a new experiment begins.Initiate Paradise Calls.Let me be the first to welcome youto the site of the upcoming Paradise Calls Music Festival.Put me in coach, I’m ready. Whoo! ♪♪ Ahhh! […]

What’s the deal with fire/fighting starters?

(gentle quirky music) – When Nintendo revealed the starters for Pokemon Sword/Shield, the internet began to howl. I think these are all really cute designs, and personally, I always love to see a monkey, and I wanna protect all of them, and what? WHAT? The bandage on Scorbunny’s nose made people worry. Is that freakin’ Pokemon (popping sounds […]

Jason Nash Learns How to Fight – Second Chances with Jason Nash

A mid-life crisis can’t scare me, Jason Nash. After my mom’s terrible news, I vowed to empty my urn of regrets before I fill it back up. It’s clever and symbolic. These are my second chances. (phone ringing) – [Mom] Yeah? – Mom, learn karate. If I can earn a karate belt, maybe dad will think I can […]

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