“QUELQUES PAS SUR LE CHEMIN DU KUNG-FU”. Une page de l’Histoire des arts martiaux.

AUTHOR: I came to France for the first time in 1983. It was a different time. Europe was divided in two parts shared with an iron curtain. In Paris, the first place I went was the legendary movie theater “Le Hollywood Boulevard”. The façade was covered with movie posters. I had long wanted to see this Kung Fu […]

Kung Fu Kick!!

What’s happening, Forum. Don’t you just hate it when you’re running through the mall, minding your own business, and someone kicks you in the f***ing face? (Whu-chu) So the story is that this was a prank show on TV, kinda like Punk’d, and as the guy who pulled the prank was running away Chuck Norris here roundhouse kicked […]

HOW TO: Ushiro Mawashi Geri | The Chuck Norris Roundhouse Kick | Shotokan Karate Kick

Hi good afternoon! The topic of today is Ushiro mawashi geri. Ushiro mawashi geri hits after a 360° spin. And that’s where the movement begins. The weight is immediately shifted to the foothold, the cover goes towards the opponent and the upper body is upright at this point. Then the hip tilts and the leg goes along. This […]

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