Top 10 Bruce Lee Movies

In his short 32 years of life, the legendary Bruce Lee has revolutionized film, pop culture, philosophy and martial arts. The world has been influenced and changed for the better by his artistry. And has single handedly brought together eastern and western culture and increased the popularity of martial arts movies throughout the World. With that being said, […]

Bruce Lee : Desmontando el mito y muerte | Nuevo Documental 2019

Among the fame of his films his majestic phrases and the fury of every punch the biography of Bruce Lee, was chiseled heroically extending his legend to where reality merges with myth Bruce Lee was a martial artist from Chinea who found international recognition thanks to the success of his films since the 70s since then dozens of […]

Nunchaku Eğitimi – Batuhan Kağanoğlu l 1.Ders

Hello friends In the previous video, we described Nunchaku’s definition, history and genres. We will start training now Advantages and disadvantages of Nunchaku the first advantage No matter how you hold Nunchakuyu If I have an opponent He can’t imagine how I hit him. For example, I held it like this I can hit my opponent from above […]

Better than Total Gym®? a medical professional thinks the Vigorfit® is better than the Total Gym®

We are pleased to offer this in depth review, by a medical professional and college professor Michael Funk PA-C MPH. Michael Funk is a medical professional with many years of experience rehabilitation in addition to the also teaches and scenes medical school why is it your well first reaching the leader of our customers news now interviews also […]

The.Game.of.Death.1978.1080p.BluRay – Bruce Lee Full Movie

Cut! Okay, that’s a print. That was great, Billy. OK, that’s a wrap. Eddie, get up there and see what the hell’s happening. Billy, are you alright? That thing crashed exactly where you were. I know. I know. Watch it up there. It was an accident. OK, this take’s good. Great fight, Billy. Really nice. Be sure you […]

Nunchaku (Nunçaku) Nedir ? l Eğitim Videoları Duyurusu

Nunchaku, a traditional art of defense! Some people call this defense device “mınchka”, but the original name is Nunchaku. Nunchaku’s birthplace is the island of Ryukyu in Japan. But similar to this device in China, the Philippines, Malaysia, as well as countries. Nunchaku was originally found to beat rice and wheat as an agricultural tool. However, when the […]

Was Bruce Lee Murdered?

On 26th July, 1973 martial arts legend Bruce Lee and producer Raymond Chow were discussing the script of their new film, ‘Game of Death’. Later that evening, Lee complained of a headache and Chow left to a dinner reservation. Lee took a single pill, the painkiller Equagesic, and went to bed. It was a sleep that he would […]