Taoist Kung Fu vs. Yeung Family Spear – Condor Heroes Ep2

Hey Guys, welcome to the Storybook Panda Channel. We left off last time with Ironheart squared off with a mysterious Taoist Priest. We learned from our footnote video that Taoists are usually very peaceful but this guy was definitely not. If you need a quick refresher check out the previous videos. Otherwise, let’s see what happens next. So […]

Exclusive Look at How Feiyue Kung Fu Shoes Are Made

Feiyue. You might have seen these sneakers on the feet of celebrities like Orlando Bloom and Poppy Delevingne. Or on Shaolin monks and kung fu masters at the Beijing Olympics. These light canvas sneakers are a street fashion icon. The brand has worked with big names like Céline and Marvel. But the thing is, there are two Feiyues. […]

Chinese Sword Kung Fu vs. 10 Men – Condor Heroes Ep3

Hey Guys, welcome to the Storybook Panda Channel. We learned last time that the Taoist wasn’t such a bad guy after all. He had killed a corrupt Chancellor and being pursued by the government’s men. We left off last time with him leaping into the trees with the Chancellor’s head using his Hing Gong – an Internal Kung […]