The Rules of Taekwondo (new 2017 Rules) – EXPLAINED

Ninh explains, the Rules of Taekwondo Taekwondo, sometimes referred to as ‘Olympic Taekwondo’, is a combat sport that is contested between two fighters, in a ring that measures 8m in diameter. This video outlines the new 2017 rules as set out by World Taekwondo, formerly the World Taekwondo Federation. If you are a practitioner of ITF or GTF […]

Road to the European Championships | FOC Taekwondo

Have you seen Christian anywhere? You mean that guy with the long beard? No, haven’t seen him. Who’s this? Where is my homework? Tashi! [Again!] You found your homework? – Yes! Meh… Hide the buns! [Untranslatable pun] Ready for the beach! Ready for the beach… – Indeed! [Untranslatable pun] Freddie Mercury was probably as poor as any other […]

UFC 242 Countdown: Full Episode

>>Narrator: Between the vast desert sands that surround the Persian Gulf lies the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, a once barren expanse, now rife with culture, and industry. [car engine revs up]>>Narrator: Over its rich history, this now-bustling metropolis experienced rapid growth that brought man-made wonders, including an 11,000 seat arena…>>They don’t play around in Abu Dhabi, man.>>Narrator: …erected […]

The Rules of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA or UFC) – EXPLAINED!

Ninh explains, the Rules of Mixed Martial Arts The object of the game is for a fighter to win by points, knockout or submission. Mixed Martial Arts, or MMA is a hybrid sport that combines the techniques of many different martial arts. There are many organisations that promote the sport, the most famous being the UFC, the Ultimate […]