On the end of April at Nippon Budokan, All Japan Judo Tournament were held. This tournament is an open-weight one, where all players from light-weight to over 100kg compete with each other for the title of Japan’s strongest Judo player. Look at these powerful heavyweight players gathering here. A remarkably lightweight player tries to contend for the title […]

Alina Dumitru “I could not lose the final” – Judo Gold in Beijing | Olympic Rewind

In the first round I fought against Hungarian Eva Csernovczki the following bout was against South Korean, Kim Youngran a very strong judoka, who gave me some problems during the bout when I tried to do a hold on the left side, I injured myself a little bit. I managed to get over my injury and in the […]

The Incredible Gold of Judo Legend Yasuhiro Wamashita | Olympic Rewind

The Los Angeles Olympics was the competition where I was the most nervous. It didn’t really matter that I’d already been World Champion a number of times. I never once lost in an international competition Which means that I was never beaten by an overseas competitor either. Arthur Schnabel of Germany was an opponent I knew well. I […]

How an Olympic Judoka Supports his Tokyo 2020 Dreams Through Gardening | Day Jobs

DAY JOBS (BEN FLETCHER) (JUDO, GREAT BRITAIN, HORTICULTURALIST) It is quite full-on, my training. In judo, you can’t just have one strength, you have got to be very good across the board, because it is so competitive that you will be found out. I have to work to fund my Olympic dream. I work as a horticulturalist at […]

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