Barcelona: The rare Messi air kick that could have opened the scoring

they’re very messy air kick that could have opened the scoring Lionel Messi missed a couple of chances to get his name on the scoresheet in Barcelona’s game against Real Madrid in one of the occasions he played the one-two with Antoine Griezmann who kept the ball back for his teammates inside the box the Argentine was in […]

RedMachine Kick-Off!

What am I supposed to do? Just run, run about… That way? Yea that way. Just run and pretend that you are orienteering maybe about NOT SO FAST! This weekend we have the RedMachine kick-off camp and our first training is night orienteering out there in the snow Lamp is charged bag is packed Say Hi to the […]

UFC 242 Countdown: Full Episode

>>Narrator: Between the vast desert sands that surround the Persian Gulf lies the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, a once barren expanse, now rife with culture, and industry. [car engine revs up]>>Narrator: Over its rich history, this now-bustling metropolis experienced rapid growth that brought man-made wonders, including an 11,000 seat arena…>>They don’t play around in Abu Dhabi, man.>>Narrator: …erected […]