BRUCE BUFFER Wants to Fight in the UFC – Full Announcement on (December 20th)

Would you ever consider fighting in the UFC? People may have heard that Bruce wants to take a fight and it’s funny because a lot of people don’t know Bruce’s history Bruce’s first and foremost a specimen when it comes to physical fitness if you touch the guy he’s solid as a rock he’s flexible he you know […]

Ten Tigers of Shaolin – Chop-Sucky #89

GRUNT! ♪ You’readirtyrat [Hard to recall non-silly depictions of religious rituals in these films apart from Shaolin.] Iiii begg yuuu… ♪ STOP! FIGHT! TIING! You’re a devious bastard… [Wait, what’s the thing?] GRUNT! Uhhh? [TOTAL deadpan.] Yeeeeahh…. I’m warning you agayyn… I’llfighttothedeathifneedbe! [Epic letter reading approaching.] Gawl-Dammit! GRUNT HAGGH!! Brothaaaaaaaaaaahhhh! ♪ Chu-shyanngggh!

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