Bruce Lee’s Daughter Has Harsh Words For Tarantino’s New Film

Bruce Lee’s daughter is none too pleased with Quentin Tarantino’s newest movie. Shannon Lee, the 50-year-old daughter of the late martial arts master, recently opened up to say how disheartening it was to see what she described as the “mockery” Tarantino’s Once Upon a Time in Hollywood made of her father. An actor, director, martial artist and philosopher, […]

Warrior – Season 1 (2019) | Official Tease 3 – Survive | Cinemax

Warriors have only two paths.-Get killed… or get better. -(GUN CLICKS AND FIRES) Our blood is cheap here, so you better learn to adapt. ♪ (INTENSE MUSIC PLAYS) ♪ AH SAHM: What do you want from me?MAN:War is coming.We’re gonna take back our city! (FIGHTERS YELLING) BILL O’HARA: He’s Chinatown bait.-(CORK POPS) -(WEAPON RINGS) There’s about a hundred […]

BRUCE LEE – WikiVidi Documentary Bruce Lee Lee Jun-fan, known professionally as Bruce Lee, was a Hong Kong and American actor, film director, martial artist, martial arts instructor, philosopher, and founder of the martial art Jeet Kune Do, one of the wushu or kungfu styles. Lee was the son of Cantonese opera star Lee Hoi-chuen. He is widely considered by commentators, critics, […]