Bad Movie Review: The Clones of Bruce Lee – The Greatest Bruceploitation Film Ever Made

‘The professor’s gone mad, he’s already ordered two of the Bruce Lee’s to fight each other to fight to the death.’ Welcome back to my Dark Corner of this Sick World. ‘I am allowed to tell you this much; it covers Bruce Lee’ In 1973, Bruce Lee died of a cerebral oedema. ‘Hey that looks like… oh, you […]

Raymond Chow talks Bruce Lee’s Death and Collapse

Right now, there’s still no… the medical team still don’t have an explanation yet. However on Monday, they’ll know. But, til last night and today… the aspect of the hospital… and police is that… they believe that the reason of death is… can’t be determined. Do the close ones of Bruce, feel it’s an accident? Of course everyone […]

Taekwondo Training Montage | KEEP TRYING – Motivational Video | TaekwonWoo

You and I till the end, don’t need to pretend again and again, we’ll stick together Everything is alright, with you by my side We won’t say goodbye, we’ll stick together Oh oh oh oh oh oh Oh oh oh oh oh Oh oh oh oh oh We’ll stick together I can pick you up When you’re heading […]