Here’s How Much Money Bruce Lee Was Worth When He Died

Bruce Lee was a physical force to be reckoned with, and just as much a spiritual force, merging the two through intense discipline and training. The result was a man who had total confidence in his abilities to achieve greatness, and followed through with it by just about every metric one can be judged by. Fame? Check. Chiseled […]

9-Year-Old Ninja Is 4-Time World Champion | KICK-ASS KIDS

CHANNAH ZEITUNG: I like learning new things because it makes me happy and I wonder, ‘Wow! How would it look?’ And that’s what I like about Taekwondo. CHANNAH ZEITUNG: I am Channah Zeitung, I am nine years old, a four-time world champion and a second-degree black belt. CHANNAH ZEITUNG: I like doing my weapon form because it’s very […]

The Sentimental Swordsman 1977 多情劍客無情劍 Kung Fu Classics

Subscribe our Channel for the best Kung Fu Films We’ve been living peacefully outside the border Why must we come back here? It’s been 10 years. Have you come back for her?! No. The reason for my return is that, I hear… the Plum Blossom Bandit has reappeared Yes, what’s that got to do with us? Twenty years […]