Sparring in Martial Arts Using Static Fluid And Dynamic Principles

In this new series we were about to start we’re going to study the different aspects of sparring today we’ll be talking about the types of training needed for you to understand your sparring and help us supply what we can talk about in future videos stay tuned we’ll talk about it Welcome to Shihan’s Dojo I’m Shihan […]

Muay Thai Boxing Moves : Using Muay Thai Pads with Front & Round Kicks

Hello this is Ric O’Kane on behalf of we are going to demonstrate now the use of the Thai pads combining the round kick and the front kick. I have Shawn Yacoubian a professional fighter who is going to demonstrate the techniques for me now. Okay take a fighting stance what I’m working on is I’m representing […]

Korea’s vlog EP.2 – Martial Arts and Chimaek (치맥) SUBTITLED

This introduction won’t be too long because I’m already late but I just wanted to say that today, we’re going to a Workout (weight lifting/martial arts) session. And I hadn’t the time to eat breakfast or even lunch so my breakfast/lunch is summed up by a coffee and Kimbaps That’s it, now let’s go !

Mixed Martial Arts & Cage Fighting Basics : Learn Sparing in Mixed Martial Arts

ED WEDDING: Okay, so now Musa and Mychal are actually going to freelance it, and we’re going to actually take it to into a semi-slow pace a little bit, a sparring match, nice and light. They’re going to work on the mount and then go into different positions and these positions and different techniques will be covered later […]

How to Slip Punches – 5 Basic Head Movements | Effective Martial Arts

Hi, I’m Patrick Fulop, this is Effective Martial Arts. In this video, how to slip punches using the 5 basic head movements. Alright, so 5 basic ways to slip punches using head movements. This is a valuable strategy for defense, along with how to block, because it allows you not only to protect your face, but also to […]

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