Mixed Martial Arts & Cage Fighting Basics : Learn Sparing in Mixed Martial Arts

ED WEDDING: Okay, so now Musa and Mychal are actually going to freelance it, and we’re going to actually take it to into a semi-slow pace a little bit, a sparring match, nice and light. They’re going to work on the mount and then go into different positions and these positions and different techniques will be covered later […]

How to Slip Punches – 5 Basic Head Movements | Effective Martial Arts

Hi, I’m Patrick Fulop, this is Effective Martial Arts. In this video, how to slip punches using the 5 basic head movements. Alright, so 5 basic ways to slip punches using head movements. This is a valuable strategy for defense, along with how to block, because it allows you not only to protect your face, but also to […]

Muhammad Ali’s Defense, Combos, & Counters – TECHNIQUE BREAKDOWN

-Muhammad Ali is well known for his incredible footwork and hand speed, but he also had a brilliant and unorthodox method of defense; he called it his “lean back style”. In this video we will break down how he used head movement, footwork, and devastating counters to dominate his opponents. Then we will quickly expand on our last […]