Worst TaeKwonDo Instructor Ever! Part 2

(Intro music) “Okay, everybody! Let’s line it on up!” Emmett: “Yes, sir! Optimism, sir!” Cecilia: “Optimism, sir!” “Wait, wait, wait a minute…” “The theme of the month is Pessimism.” Carolyne: “Pessimism, sir!” Liam: (grunts) Emmett: “THAT was wrong.” “Hey!” “You do not say ‘wrong’ in my school.” “That was wrong.” “Liam!” “What the heck? That was horrible!” “Hey! […]

Coachella EP 5 | Arm Entanglements | Season 2

(dramatic music) – [Narrator] A quote from Roy Bennett, “Great leaders create more great leaders. “Not followers. “Great leaders have vision, share vision, and inspire others to create their own.” – Hi, my name is Glen Heggstad. I’m 67 years old as of last Friday. Been training 41 years. I hold black belts in four different martial arts. […]

Krav Maga Kids Black Belt

[MUSIC PLAYING] After 20 years of teaching Krav Maga, I still never really know who’s going to make it black belt. [MUSIC PLAYING] It takes time to get through beginner level, intermediate level, advanced level. And nowadays, most people just don’t have the patience. And it’s not just the physical aspect, anyone can get stronger, anyone can learn […]

First Time Training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Post Baby! l Jiu Jitsu Vlog

Hey guys, welcome back to my channel! Today is a fun day because we are going to train brazilian jiu jitsu! And it will be my first time post-baby so I’m really really excited we’re gonna meet up our friends Drew and Stephanie at their gym Today we are going to learn the spider guard sweep so one […]

What is a Black Belt Test Like? | ART OF ONE DOJO

The black belt. The long-coveted wardrobe accessory. Sought after by many, but achieved by few. This rank varies greatly from art to art, with different requirements and sometimes it comes in different forms, and if you’re currently training in the art, or you’re thinking about starting, you might be asking yourself, “What is the black belt test like?” […]

Allendale Karate Allendale Martial Arts Standale Karate Fitness Self Defense Classes School

This is much different than any other Karate studio I have ever been too before. I been to a few where it’s military, very fromal And its not very family like This one here, you learn but you learn in a fun and make relationships with people. The thing that I love The most about Standale Karate, is […]

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