Academy Martial Arts Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Kids Martial Arts in Monument, CO

Hi Christa here in The Academy of Martial Arts we just wanted to give you guys a glimpse into what our students get to experience every day in class here we offer a program for anyone and everyone our programs for children start at age 4 and they are grouped together by age groups we have four to […]

Back Control, Rear Naked Choke & How to Escape | Effective Martial Arts

Hi, I’m Patrick Fulop, this is Effective Martial Arts. In this lesson, the Back Control position, the Rear Naked Choke, and how to escape. Alright, so back control is a very dominant position to be in, because it allows you to really limit your opponent’s offensive options, and at the same time give you the unique opportunity to […]

Welcome to the Effective Martial Arts Channel!

Hi I’m Patrick Fulop, and welcome to Effective Martial Arts. On this channel you’ll discover everything you need to know about the art of hand-to-hand combat, and the art of self-mastery. Effective Martial ArtsTM is a complete, concise, safe, and carefully structured system. We simply took all the best, and only the best, proven techniques inspired from the […]

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