Como fazer o Mata-Leão | Luta livre e Jiu Jitsu | Cerrado MMA

Hey whats up, Erik Silva here And I’m Junior Silva We are Brazilian Luta-livre Black belt And we’ll show you some basics techniques And today, we’ll show you, the Rear Naked Choke [Rear Naked Choke] Once here of course, your teacher may have told you Never cross your foots here Then, pay attention to this kind of detail […]

Falsa Kimura com Arm-lock | Luta-livre, Jiu-jitsu e Judô | Cerrado MMA

Hey, what’s up, Erik Silva here and I’m Junior Silva, and today I’ll show you the Armbar from fake kimura [Armbar from fake kimura] So, lets star the movement from turtle position Remember, always put weight on his neck here. Close the seat belt here once here I have to release the seat belt And catch hist wrist […]

The Stockade for Submission Grappling & MMA – Analysis

In this study, we’re going to be looking at the stockades. It’s a trapping position from side control where you’re over hook your opponent’s near arm and then roll them up onto their side to cup their armpit or ideally the elbow of their far arm. You then have opened up both your opponent’s elbows giving you control […]

Donald Cowboy Cerrone MMA Jiu jitsu UFC fight TOP 5 Highlight 2015

Donald Cowboy Cerrone. He’s a guy that constantly pushes the pace and goes for a finish whether standing or on the ground. Here are my top 5. ‘ (Reporter) Is that motivating for you or personal to you? Like “Oh really he’s the best striker, ok.” (Cerrone) No, no…. just more personal to me is let’s get that […]

Stephan Kesting On BJJ For Beginners, Judo vs Jiu Jitsu (SHF Podcast Ep. 2)

how you doing very well thank you so like I said I had to restart everything but like I said I appreciate you just like taking the time and especially after a flight like that and that’s my pleasure wasn’t that long so hello no done jiu-jitsu are we doing are we straight in the podcast here okay […]

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