COACHELLA EP 4 | Perfect Armlock Options For When You Are Stacked | Season 2

(dramatic music) (dramatic music intensifies) – [Narrator] A quote from author John Krakauer. “The very basic core of a man’s living spirit “is his passion for adventure. “The joy of life comes from “our encounters with new experiences, “and hence there is no greater joy “than to have an endlessly changing horizon, “for each day to have a […]

2 Minute Technique: How to: Side Control Escape-an Unconventional way-PAMA,Raleigh NC

all right so guys from here this is kind of an unusual escape one you might not necessarily think of but sometimes we get in position where our arms are out and we’re not able to get this frame back in where we would like it to be or under the opposite armpit where it’s safe so sometimes […]