Street Cock Fighter – RYU vs KEN [ Street Fighters 5 Parody ]

Chic-KEN RYU-ster Round One Fight! K.O. Round Two Fight! K.O. Final Round Fight! K.O. And the winner is… RYU-ster ba-ba-bA-KUMA Street Cock Fighter This video is brought to you by Crunchyroll, the best destination for anime, manga and Asian dramas with titles like Naruto Shippuden and Terra Formars You can get the latest episodes as soon as 1 […]

Fighting Primary Attack Detailed For Initiative in Martial Arts

We should now have a greater understanding of basic initiative and strategy and tactics and how they’re important to each other today we’re going to cover primary initiatives like we did in the intro video with a little more detail so we can basically understand the information that we covered in them stay tuned we’ll talk about it […]