Shaolin Iron Skill Kung Fu : Breaking Sticks with Kung Fu Iron Body

Let me show you what you could do with your body, or your legs or your hands after practicing the Iron Bodies. The first thing I’m going to show you to do, breaking the stick with your legs, kicking. Okay. As you could see, my students holding the sticks for me, okay. These are the sticks, it’s what […]

Basic Kung Fu Moves : Duan Chuan Routine in Kung Fu: Part 1

This is Yun Yang Wang from Wang’s Martial Art and on behalf of the Expert Village and this is Ms. Esmeralda Sanchez, one of our black belts and we’re demonstrating one of the kung fu routine form called Duan Chuan, short attack fist form. And the starting position would be hands by the side, then starting with a […]

Shaolin Kung Fu Stretches & Moves : Side Stretch for Shaolin Kung Fu

Now let me introduce you to the second stretch, side stretch. I’m going to show you three different ways how you can perform a side stretch. And, of course practicing side stretch regularly will enable you to build a more flexible hamstring. And, of course you can do the splits in the future. Ok. So, let’s get on […]

#6 – Pourquoi n’y a-t-il plus de frappes en Judo ?

Why did strikes disappear in Judo, except in some Kata ? We’re coming back to the historical aspect, which deserves our attention. Yes. But next our attention should be focused on Japanese culture. I think both are concerned [history and culture]. But let’s focus on the historical aspect, which is interesting. As we know, Kano Sensei belonged to […]

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