8 Outils du KARATE – Makiwara, Ichi Sashi, Chichi…

This video is brought to you by www.imaginarts.digital. Hello Karatekas, I hope you’re doing well. Let’s discover the eight karate tools. [music] -Karate and martial arts practitioners have always used tools to physically prepare themselves, strengthen their bodies, limbs, and their willingness to go further, and surpass their limits. Here are some tools used to train out of […]

Bunkai Nijushiho – Karate – séquence d’ouverture

I propose 2 bunkai applications of the first block of kata Nijushiho. First application on a Kizami Zuki. Absorption, strikes underneath, opening, hold the arm, armbar, pivot and double strikes in Morote Zuki. What is very important in this sequence is to keep in touch after deflecting the attack. Here and here I keep contact. Then turn the […]

Karate HENTE – Travail à une main avec Lionel Froidure

Hello guys, today let’s training with HENTE principle in KARATE. Which is the to work with the same hand for blocking and striking. Olivier will attacks me Kizami Zuki. Blocking with the right hand and striking with the same hand. This HENTE principle. HEN : variation – TE : hand Again. You need to be able to generate […]


Hello everyone ! Here we are for a new video! Today we go to Tozando shop in Kyoto. Or rather one of the stores, because there are 3 in Kyoto and one in Tokyo. Tozando is a manufacturer of equipment for Japanese martial arts. Founded in 1989, they seek to promote martial arts and the manufacturing following the […]

Direction le Japon 🇯🇵 avec Hino Akira sensei et Léo Tamaki

Hello budokas, I hope you’re great ! Here is what happened BTS of the upcoming documentary with Hino Akira sensei. So Léo, happy about the trip? Great and you? Yes excellent. And Hino sensei? Splendid, all in the principles that demands a lot of time and work to reproduce it, to think about it again and again. Do […]