Beatboxing tutorial #2: Creating the kit – Kick drum

Drummers often use a variety of instruments, every drum kit has a kick or bass drum, high-hat cymbals and a snare. These three create the framework for contemporary commercial beats. Let’s start with the basic techniques. Make the “p” sound, make sure that you’re using your mouth air and not your lung air. The beatboxing version of “p” […]

[Kevin Park] 극진 공수도 (Kyokushin Karate) 룰 배우기 & MMA교류 [한/EN/日]

Cut here? What? [Kyo Ku Shin Karate-Anseong branch] (sudden) Now we are at Anseong (coughing) (suddenly) I arrived to the Kyokushin Karate gym Because Lee Hoon-Beom, the Karate instructor will teach me I came her to learn Nice to meet you (Karate instructor Lee Hoon-Beom) [Learning the rules of Karate…] Front kick front up After inside leg same […]

J.M.W. Turner: Painting The Fighting Temeraire | National Gallery

Hello, ladies and gentlemen. Welcome to the National Gallery. My name’s Matthew, Matthew Morgan. I work here in the Education department, and I am incredibly lucky to have the opportunity, in the next half an hour, to talk to you about this remarkable painting. not only by one of my favourite artists ever, of all time, anywhere, J.M.W. […]

Jui Jitsu Isn’t the Only Thing ‘Hiro Karate’ Teaches | Small Business Revolution (Story #53)

(Hiroshi) I think it’s just natural that a person will always try to find what’s most comfortable. So it’s a challenge with your mind saying “I’m gonna push myself, I’m gonna keep going, I’m not gonna quit.” It’s that constant battle of who’s gonna win? Is it gonna be your weaknesses or is it gonna be your strengths? […]

Anime Industry Changes + Motivation After Becoming an Animator. Oda Sensei Interview 6/10

I’ll start with a question about the animation industry. Since you joined the animation industry, what is the thing that makes you the most happy? There is people very good at in between animation. In most company leaders you see: employee, manager, department Yes. In animation it is as follows: in-between animation, key animation, animation director,… I wanted […]