Oi-Zuki : Travail de la Colonne vertébrale [karate-blog.net]

Hello everyone, and welcome to karate-blog.net. We meet today for a new video, for the officers of you. A party that provides a different way of working Oi Zuki depending on the use of the spine. That is to say, instead of working statically, the spine advance statically, we will work with the dynamics of the spine. In […]

Shorinji-Kempo – Karate – 1970 –

The art of empty hands, or Karate, was developed in the island of Okinawa. The Shorinji-Kempo school houses Buddhist monks who practise karate as a complement to meditation. Their techniques include not only fists, but jumps and projections too. The Japanese master Funakoshi Gishin who introduced karate in Japan in 1921, said that the essence of karate is […]

Karate : Le karaté n’est pas qu’un sport [karate-blog.net]

Bonjour et bienvenue. Je suis Bruno BANDELIER, le prof de karaté du net. Aujourd’hui, je voudrais faire une suite à la vidéo que je vous ai faite, il n’y a pas longtemps où je vous disais que le karaté est un sport. Je vous ai expliqué pourquoi pour moi le karaté est un sport. Là aujourd’hui, je voudrais […]

Karaté – Heian Shodan, le premier pour la ceinture noire [Karate-Blog.net]

Welcome to you all for this new video on Karate-blog.net, clear and net karate. So today we will work a kata, it’s been a while we did not do kata. For now, we have seen the first three Taikyoku later we will see the following three. But I promised you that we would attack soon Heian series. So […]

Karate – Kihon : Les gammes du Karatéka [Karate-Blog.net]

Hello everyone, and welcome to this new video on karate-blog.net. Today, we will work called: the “Kihon”. What has been done so far: Gedan Barai, Jodan Age Uke, Gyaku Zuki. All these techniques and zenkutsu positions, all that we can say that this is also the Kihon. So there, we will do sequences of Kihon. The Kihon Karate […]