Meditation: Reflections on Bruce Lee; by Valerie Holly

One of 18 psalms attributed to David- Psalm 46 is a song of celebration; of knowledge of God’s security. Theme and the Spiritual Practice we are focusing- Meditation. – Many ways to describe meditation- its benefits mentally, physically, and spiritually. Today I want to look at meditation through the focus on Bruce Lee- Bruce Lee was a legendary/gifted […]

Advanced Jeet Kune Do Martial Arts : Basic Jeet Kune Do Grappling

On behalf of Expert Village I’m Sifu Dwight Woods of Unified Martial Art Academy in Miami, Florida today we are going to be talking about advance jeet kune do. Okay now it wouldn’t be fair to not address the grappling aspects and the jeet kung do approach ot grappling. Since grappling is in everyone’s mind now days. However, […]

Mixed Martial Arts Fitness Workouts : Stance for Mixed Martial Arts Workouts

I am Master Mungu, head of Master Mungu’s Karate School and we are doing this with Expert Village. Now we are going to go for different bases to strengthen the body, to make it prone to fighting, ready, fighter stance, begin, this is the same stane that you see in boxing. As a matter of fact boxing evolved […]

Dark Corners – Cult Martial Arts Classic Miami Connection: Review

Shut up Welcome back to my Dark Corner of this Sick World ‘Where did you find this son of a bitch?’ The phrase ‘must see movie’ is not one you’ll often hear from us. ‘Boss, everybody’s dead’ But you must see Miami Connection . ‘Whatever you say’ On the face of it this is every 80s action movie, […]

Road to Rio: Taekwondo makes Olympic changes to upgrade its global reputation

It’s been 28 years since the Korean martial art, Taekwondo, made its debut on the Olympic arena. Although its popularity has grown around the world since then, it’s still under pressure to grow and improve, as another set of rule changes have been introduced for next month’s Rio games. Kwon Jang-ho walks us through some of them and […]

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