Sevenish Law Firm | Indianapolis Personal Injury Law | Sensei Randy Sevenish

I first got into martial arts because of my love of athletics I love anything physical and I enjoyed the discipline, I enjoyed the goal-setting aspect, I enjoyed the respect. Martial arts was a large part of what I wanted to do to in turn empower other people which I have done for my whole adult life. I’ve […]

Taekwando Tournament Training Tips : Four Person Fight Teams in Taekwondo Competitions

Hi! I’m Calab Labarda with Tae Kwon Do Limited on behalf of Check at our website at What you’re seeing right here is a 4 person fight scene. The two younger boys are using escrimas, the older man is using a cane and the woman is using a bow staff and they are doing all actual […]

Best home ab workout routine. No equipment core exercises, just 10 min.

Here is some exercises for abs which works for everyone because you can do it anywhere and anytime and most importantly, you don’t need anything else except your own body and flat floor. Let’s start! Try to reach as high as possible with hands Slowly raise your legs to an angle of 60 degrees Do it with the […]


Our tails a take for this highly anticipated welterweight fight So more than 10 years apart these two fighters with big differences in fight But some differences enriched and with the official introduction here is the veteran voice of the Octagon Bruce Buffer This Live from the MGM Grand Garden Arena in the Las Vegas Look away introducing […]

Right Footed Star Jessica Cox and Husband Patrick Talk Marriage and Partnership | Fuse

Okay lemme fix my hair… Are you ready? I’m ready Okay so start with the long straight red one. Got it And put that all the way on your right into the slots next to twelve. On the farthest right possible? Yep. Up and down so it goes into both wedges sections Got it For someone who had […]

BJJ BLACK BELT shows How GOOD Donnie Yen’s Flash Point Grappling Skills Are | Scenic Fights

What’s up everyone! Welcome back to another episode of Scenic Fights’ Fight Scene Breakdown If you like what you see and enjoy the work Please subscribe, hit that like button and comment below. Alright let’s do this. [Chad] Collin Chou he has more Kung-Fu style there [Chad] But Donnie Yen takes more like a Western striking style [Chad] […]