Self Defense Striking 101: Forearm Strike Variations

This is James Bullock with Today we’re going to cover forearm strike variations. Notice on the hammer fist video — if you haven’t watched that, please do — you have multiple angles that you can use. Basically, however your arm can swing it can be a strike. It doesn’t matter how it is. I can be turned […]

Marvel Legends Shang Chi Master Of Kung Fu Spider-Man Series 2020 Demogoblin BAF Wave Figure Review

it’s time to review master of kungfu Shunji let’s do this hey guys Mito supersorrell that your arrows Gina grab it Schanke Satrangi is an awesome character from Marvel goings and again this figure I believe came out came out around the time of Bruce Lee back in me so there it is a marvel and yes the […]

What time is it? DEFENSIVE TIME! WKF sports karate kumite drills

Hey everybody my name is Rodney Hobson from Rodney Hobson Karate Academy in Kelowna joining you for another video today, we’re kicking off today’s video with a student of ours named Indigo Berry! Indigo is a stud! He’s a ten year old kid, he’s a green belt in our Academy, he’s competed at our local tournaments and he’s […]

Spartan Wrestling All-Access | Spartans All-Access | Wrestling

– [Roger] Let’s go, seven minutes, seven minutes! 15-second sprint! On your own, go! Go! (upbeat music) Ready? On two. (athletes clap) Alright, we’re not hanging our head. Get our head in there so we match his level. Let’s go. (dramatic techno music) So, let’s stay into it. Stay on that arm, circle into that elbow. Okay, let […]

Damsel in Defense Unboxing Self Defense Tools and Weapons To Protect Your Family

Welcome to Warrior Tip Wednesday. I’m Meredith Rines I’m an Independent Damsel Pro with Damsel in Defense. I try to go live and share some tips four self-defense an idea or hack so that you can better protect your family. So if you’re new to Damsel in Defense, we are a company built for women. We want to […]

The Stockade for Submission Grappling & MMA – Analysis

In this study, we’re going to be looking at the stockades. It’s a trapping position from side control where you’re over hook your opponent’s near arm and then roll them up onto their side to cup their armpit or ideally the elbow of their far arm. You then have opened up both your opponent’s elbows giving you control […]

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