Two Giant Killer Hornet Colonies Fight to the Death

[MUSIC PLAYING] NARRATOR: The Samurai scouts bring news that there’s an army on its way. [BUZZING] They rally the troops. But it’s too late. The Bamboo Battalion is on them. The Rock Samurais are ambushed at their own entrance. When times are tough, giant killer hornets turn on their kind. It’s like on like, giant on giant. Claws, […]

Semen Retention Dangers

Hello friends, so I want to talk about some of the potential dangers of semen retention so I get a lot of Emails from people, you know, if they’re certain negative experiences. They’ve had involving semen retention certain Health issues and things like this that may or may not have been related to some retention and so I […]

Project Blue Beam ‘IF’ The threat of war is cover for an alien invasion?

The world is teetering on the edge of war, Russia and the West are becoming more and more vocal in their threats. Is this fear of imminent military action fact or theater? The conflict created to distract the public from a larger and more terrifying fate. A threat not just too nations, but to the entire planet. Is […]

Fight Homelessness with Invisible People This Giving Season

(suspenseful music) – Each year, as many as 3.5 million Americans sleep in shelters, transitional housing, and public places not meant for human habitation. As the result of the affordable housing crisis, the number of people experiencing homelessness in both rural and urban communities is increasing at an alarming rate. Rents have gone up 75% in the last […]

HIKI NŌ 12|5|19: 2019-2020 Student Television Network Challenge | Program

Broadcast of HIKI NŌ are made possible by the support of viewers like you! Mahalo! And by, Bank of Hawaii Foundation, Investing in Hawaiʻi’s future by promoting collaboration, critical thinking, and other 21st-Century skills though HIKI NŌ Kamehameha Schools, Empowering Hawaiian Keiki to explore, discover, and inspire! ABC STORES, A Local Company Helping to transform education and develop […]

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