How to Counter Using a Double Roundhouse Kick – Taekwondo Sparring – Sang H. Kim

Technique number 16 is sliding back and double kick at closed stance against rear leg kicking. The Korean term is Moolo Doobal Dangsang Chagi. Moolo means back step. Doobal Dangsang Chagi is double kick. It is also called Narae Chagi. The first step is to read the opponent’s initiative motion and move your entire body backward. The second […]

Vir The Robot Boy | Hindi Cartoon shows For Kids | Hide and seek | Animated cartoon| Wow Kidz

Come on, lets play Hide and Seek today. Even I will play or else I will spoil the game. No, you can’t play with us. If you wont include me , I shall disclose all the hidden team out. Ok Bunty come along and play with us . You begin the counting and we all will hide. Ok, […]

Taekwondo teaches Browne students focus, teamwork

We’re not teaching for fighting because they are too young and also data understanding combat skill. Most are working on the teaching children’s pride and confidence because every kid is very valuable and special. A lot of children doesn’t believe how they’re strong as they are, so my job is teaching them to have confidence and then also […]

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