Yo it’s Alem For a new tutorial ! I hope you’re ready and really motivated! Because I’m extremly excited ! Today, we’re going to work on the kick drum and the snare Only those two ! We don’t care about anything else! The concept is that you repeat after me, and of course with the metronome ! So […]

Taobao Traffic Explained – Breaking down all the sources of traffic in a Tmall store

Taobao uses tons of acronyms and strange names for its types of traffic. This video will quickly show you the various sources of traffic in a regular Tmall store and what they look like on a mobile phone. First of all, there is search traffic. Online shoppers will open their Taobao app and search for what they want […]

Biomechanics breakdown: Detailing Lionel Messi’s free kick technique

Hey, it’s Raj from 3CB Performance. Barcelona and Argentine legend Lionel Messi needs no introduction, he’s arguably the greatest to ever lace them up. One of his most jaw-dropping abilities comes from set pieces and the ability to deliver stunningly precise free-kicks from all over the pitch. In this video, I’ll break down the key elements of Messi’s […]

Jiu Jitsu Mermaid Sweep – BJJ Training Series w/Rodrigo Comprido Medeiros – Part 6

Hi. I’m Rodrigo Comprido. That’s Marcelo Cazuza. We are here for the Greatmats Series. I will show you guys now the Mermaid Sweep. I have my opponent in my closed guard and what I’m going to do is I’m going to bring him over me and I’m going to force him to move his weight to his hip […]

Tang Soo do vs Kenpo: KICKS | ART OF ONE DOJO

American Tang Soo Do versus American Kenpo. This is the last of three videos that we are making in collaboration with Sensei Justin Ichikawa from T.O. Westlake Karate in Thousand Oaks, California, as well as Sensei Ichi YouTube channel. We’ve been doing a fun expiration by comparing the basics of our systems. This is a friendly debate, this […]

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