Karate Makiwara

Hello dear viewers my name is Mirko Grujć I am a graduate professor of physical education and sports, I’m a fighting instructor.I’m doing karate since 1975.I started in Karate Club “Vojvodina” and I trained with a professor of Dr.Ilije Jorge, Vladimira Jorge, Dušana Dačića,Olivera Tomića, Marko Nisovića and many others who at the same time I greet them […]

Jiu Jitsu Demonstration – Martial Gamer’s Turn / Yoga & Japanese Jiu Jitsu fusion Class 10 Feb 17

Chris: Rei, Yoi- MG: -oh, sorry, sorry. Tim: Oh, mouthguard. MG: I need to protect my pearly whites too. Chris: Hajime. MG: Sigh. MG: Alright I’m done. Chris: That wasn’t even a minute. MG: Oh really? Chris: Yeah. MG: Ok, couple more. Chris: Get all the way to the end at least….. :D.. MG: SSSSSSHHHHHH (Psychological distraction) Chris: […]

How Many Black Belts Does Steven Seagal Really Have?

Steven Seagal is a great many things: Actor, blues musician, a reportedly difficult coworker, possibly useless in an actual fight. However, back in the days when he was more famous than infamous, he was known as a martial artist. Although Seagal has been known to spin the occasional tall tale about his abilities and role in training assorted […]

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