Shorinji-Kempo – Karate – 1970 –

The art of empty hands, or Karate, was developed in the island of Okinawa. The Shorinji-Kempo school houses Buddhist monks who practise karate as a complement to meditation. Their techniques include not only fists, but jumps and projections too. The Japanese master Funakoshi Gishin who introduced karate in Japan in 1921, said that the essence of karate is […]

Yokomenuchi Waza: Intermediate Aikido Techniques : Zenponage from Yokomenuchi

Short and to the point. As he strikes, cut the arm down, step in, Zenponage. Yokomenuchi Zenponage. Again, caution must be taken against the Ukais. Elbow. Let me show you a cool little hand change here. Cutting down, I never grab him. From here, all I do is rotate over. I don’t want him to ever know that […]

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