AIKIDO SELF DEFENSE | Aikido Kote Gaeshi • Francisco de los Cobos • Modernize Aikido Lab

This is an application of kote gaeshi in case de-escalation is no longer an option and we need to establish physical control in a violent encounter, we will show how to escalate gradually depending on the level of danger the opponent presents. First we establish the initial control. Uke’s balance is compromised in a 45° angle to his […]

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu | “Perfect Angles and the Truth” | The Norway Seminar | ROYDEAN.TV

So we’re gonna start with a basic technique and jiu jitsu is all about perfect angles You want to get perfect angles as you train more and more Grabbing, and then grabbing, that’s OK But if you make just a little extra movement it can be so much tighter. It’s all in the details. Now, a lot of […]

Aikido Nikyo Wrist Lock Defenses : Aikido Straight Punch Self Defense

This is nikyo the wrist control against a straight punch at the abdomen also known as munetsuki. Daniel punches at me, once again it’s always best if I’m not there. I’m going to turn slightly, just get off the line and allow that hand to pass me and as he does it, I’m going to track with it, […]

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