My daughters have bloody fights every night. [Hello Counselor/ENG, THA/2019.04.15]

“Every Single Night.” Hello. I’m a mother in my 50s with three pretty daughters in their 20s. She said her daughters are pretty too. I’m terrified of going home every night. Why? When I get home from work, my oldest daughter is like… (Oldest daughter) And my second daughter is like, “Let me go! Let go!” (What’s going […]

Does having a baby hurt more than getting kicked in the testicles?

Hey everybody. I’ll go ahead and save your fingers the typing and let you know that no, I was not a boy scout. Hahah. I do wish that I had boy scout-y skills, being able to like tell direction, oh I wish I could start a fire–a campfire not burn buildings down–really just those two things. I would […]

How to Become a Professional Animator. Advice from Oda Sensei. Interview 8/10

What is an important thing you learned in the anime industry? Ahhhmmm It could be a personal thing too. As it is expected, there is people with lots of talent. Aha Yeah… And you may feel gelous or hurt by that. Yes. But you should draw what you can draw. For example, this is a story about an […]

Hello Counselor – Solar, Moonbyul, Hwasa, Wheein [ENG/THA/2017.06.05]

We will counsel you on your unspeakable concerns. National… – Competition on Worries! / – Competition on Worries! I’ll introduce today’s guests. Please welcome Mamamoo’s Solar, Moonbyul, Wheein and Hwasa! (The complete Mamamoo is here.) – Hello, we are Mamamoo. / – Hello, we are Mamamoo. – What did you just do, Dongyeop? / – What did you […]

Professional animator’s workflow in Japan + Advice. Director Suzuki Sensei Interview 2/3

Hey! This is the second part of my interview to Suzuki from Basara. Previously we talked about his history, his career, how he entered to the Japanese animation industry… This time we’ll go deeper and talk about the struggles, what does he enjoy, and he will be giving advice to aspiring animators. What is the current flow of […]

Worst Downside in her Animation Career in Japan. Oda Sensei Interview 7/10

Is there an imp… The important…. URGHJK! Laugh What is the worst struggles you have faced when working for the animation industry? When the anime bubble exploded, there was a pretty complicated season. There were less anime being done. I see. Precisely when there were less jobs, I struggled with my cuts being approved. The layouts, the characters, […]

My dad wants to be like Bruce Lee. [Hello Counselor/ENG, THA/2019.05.27]

We root for you to solve your concerns! Tell us your concerns! Let me introduce today’s guest panel. Everyone’s father. Everyone’s daddy. – Sam Hammington! / – Sam Hammington! (Everyone’s father Sam Hammington) – TV personality Jang Youngran! / – Welcome. (Human vitamin Jang Youngran) BamBam and Yugyeom of GOT7! (BamBam and Yugyeom of GOT7) (They’re so handsome) […]