ENTRAÎNEMENT KARATÉ À LA MAISON 🏠🥋💪 Je me prépare avec mon Père et Sensei Daniel Serfati !

to finish here we end with a a little bit of abs we did some small abs but above all contraction of the abdominals that is to say being able to block contracting the abs without blocking the breathing is to try to speak go talk but what would happen then here I hope you enjoyed this workout […]

Kick through & Reach

(upbeat music) – In this video we’re gonna take a look at a kick through with a reach. Okay? Starting in plank position. Here. You’re gonna bring one foot outside your hand. Here. You’ll feel a nice stretch throughout your groin area through your hamstrings. You’re gonna raise this arm and you’re gonna kick through. Alright? Raise your […]


My name is Claude Tshisekedi. I am a former martial arts competitor in Karate and Kickboxing. I studied sports education and am originally from the Democratic Republic of Congo. I am a personal trainer and master trainer in Belgium. Thanks alot. I have done a lot of competitions, it’s true.. but to say that I am the best… […]

How To: Flutter Kicks

What’s up guys? I’m Scott from Scotthermanfitness.com And I’m gonna demonstrate for you how to do flutter kicks flutter kicks are fun. They were my wrestling coach, Mr. Bulldduck’s favorite exercise of torture for us in high school. What you’re gonna do is you lay down on the ground take your hands put them like that like make […]

Inner Thighs Workout Exercises : Scissor Kicks for Inner Thigh Workouts

In this segment we’re going to get into a position just as if you’re about to do a crunch but we’re not doing a crunch here but you will feel a great workout in your lower abdominals. As well as the inner thigh, the top of the quad and all the way down through the leg. You’re going […]

Ben Affleck’s Batman Workout Explained By His Trainer | Train Like A Celebrity | Men’s Health

(upbeat music) – Hi, I’m Magnus Lygoback the founder of the Magnus Method and I’m gonna show you guys the workout I did with Ben Affleck for Justice League. Our goal’s to build Ben as Batman or to build leg string stability you know, Batman’s carrying around this heavy suit all day on set so, we needed Ben […]