Hyoni Try to Be Like Bruce Lee with Sandara Park From 2NE1and Seyoung

(Laugh) Can you do Bruce Lee for us? We are all hungry right now… and we are talking about Bruce Lee… Let’s learn how to do Bruce Lee from her Bruce Lee! Now! Bruce Lee! – He is a real hero! Everyone’s hero! – That’s right As you know, he stares at the opponent after making this strange […]

【韓国モッパン】이소룡먹방 激辛トッポッキにブルースリーが挑戦! 치즈왕창 소소떡볶이(ソソトッポッキ) 【한일커플/日韓カップル】【Bruce Lee】

Please subscribe to the channel! Sundae (black sausage) OPEN This is the lungs (the part of black sausage) Sundae (black sausage) This is the ear of a pig (the part of black sausage) Wrong. It’s a pig’s liver (the part of black sausage) Spam gimbap I got a service! I promised to review this Bon appetite! There is […]