Opening of world′s largest Taekwondo center 최대 규모 태권도원 개원식

Today is Taekwondo day here in Korea. Adding some extra meaning to the day… the world′s largest Taekwondo center opened in the southern city of Muju offering variety of programs for people of all ages. Our Kim Hyun-bin takes us to the opening. Korea is the birthplace of one of the most well-known forms of martial arts Taekwondo. […]

South Korean pop concert delegation to North Korea increased to include taekwondo performers

Seoul has announced that the delegation taking part in the South Korean pop concerts in Pyongyang next week has increased to 190 members… 30 more than originally agreed with North Korea. The increase is due to the confirmation that a South Korean taekwondo demonstration team will also perform in Pyongyang. The performances will take place on April 1st […]

Two Koreas to hold Taekwondo performance in Switzerland next month

Seoul and Pyeongyang will put on a Taekwondo performance together in Switzerland to mark the 25th anniversary of the martial art becoming an Olympic sport. According to World Taekwondo, with support from the IOC, the show will be held at the Olympic Museum in Lausanne on April 11th… with North Korea’s International Taekwondo Federation. The performance was suggested […]

Taekwondo: S. Korean women win golds in -46kg, -57kg AG 태권도: 김소회, 이아름 여자 결승 진출

From punches to kicks, it′s day two of taekwondo…. Flying to the results, South Korea′s women put the axe kick down on the competition. Kim So-hui woke up in the 3rd round to defeat Taiwan′s Lin Wan Ting, 10-4, for the under-46-kilo gold. In the under-57-kilo division,… Lee Ah-reum beat Mayu Hamada, 6-4, for her own golden finish. […]

“Peace is more precious than triumph”…Taekwondo delivers a message of peace in Vatican

South Korean Taekwondo performers showed off their dynamic moves at the Vatican and delivered their message of peace to the world. They performed in front of Pope Francis at Saint Peter’s Square on Wednesday. At the end of the performance, they revealed a banner with the message “One World, One Taekwondo” to show their wish for a peaceful […]

2019 World Taekwondo Hanmadang kicks off in PyeongChang

Korea’s biggest annual martial arts festival,… the World Taekwondo Hanmadang,… kicked off today in PyeongChang for a five-day run… where we’ll be seeing plenty of head-height kicks, jumping and spinning kick techniques. Our Choi Si-young takes us there. Taekwondo practitioners are showing off board-breaking performances,… jumping high in the air and crushing them with their bare feet. This […]

2018 Global Taekwondo Festival taking place in South Korea’s Muju

Young athletes from all over the world are in South Korea this week to learn and experience the nation’s favorite martial art Taekwondo. Taking us to the 2018 Global Taekwondo Demonstration Festival in Muju county is our Yoon Jung-min. Courtesy, integrity, perseverance, self-control and an indomitable spirit. These attributes represent the spirit of Korea’s national martial art Taekwondo. […]

Two Koreas to showcase Taekwondo performance in Switzerland next month

The two Koreas will put on a joint taekwondo performance in Switzerland next month to mark 25 years of taekwondo becoming an Olympic sport. The performance will kick off at the Olympic Museum in Lausanne on April 11th. But about a week before that, the two Koreas will showcase their moves in the Austrian capital of Vienna. Next […]

Additional artists and taekwondo team confirmed for Pyongyang concert delegation

Further details of the South Korean pop concerts to be held in Pyongyang next week have been announced. Two more artists have been added, and the inclusion of a taekwondo demonstration team is also confirmed. Our Kwon Jang-ho reports. With 5 days to go until the first South Korean pop concert on North Korean soil in 13 years, […]

Two Koreas perform joint taekwondo demonstration in Switzerland

Martial artists from South and North Korea put on a joint taekwondo performance on Thursday in Switzerland as a part of their European tour. The show marked the 25th anniversary of the taekwondo becoming an Olympic sport. The performers were from the South Korean organization World Taekwondo… and North Korea’s International Taekwondo Federation. And demonstrating their skills, they […]

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