【ENG SUB】熱血高校 第二季 JUDO HIGH EP04(主演:蒋雪鸣、陈昊宇、曹佑宁、赵粤、温昇豪、王振、陈庭萱、陈彦佐)

Yuan Fei. You. Do you feel bad? Have a water first. You felt so bad last night. Now Yunqing lives in your house. So, could you do me a favor? No. Yunqing must feel sick for he was drunk. I have made him a soup to sober up. Could you bring this to him for me? I’m a […]

【ENG SUB】熱血高校 JUDO HIGH EP01(主演:蒋雪鸣、陈昊宇、曹佑宁、赵粤、温昇豪、王振、陈庭萱、陈彦佐)

It is good I thought that there would be so many people today It is not that many. Take a look yourself You are still late Yes what are you doing? Why? I am late for this cloth What is the specialty of it? You are old fashioned Take a look I will let you know what a […]

【ENG SUB】熱血高校 JUDO HIGH EP02(主演:蒋雪鸣、陈昊宇、曹佑宁、赵粤、温昇豪、王振、陈庭萱、陈彦佐)

Somebody is just ignorant The person she likes have joined us. She still resists Cao Yun Qing has signed Why are you still hesitate Do I have to personally teach you? Think of it Join our judo club you can see the person you like everyday You can flirt with him Don’t do that Press here So how […]

【ENG SUB】熱血高校 JUDO HIGH EP07(主演:蒋雪鸣、陈昊宇、曹佑宁、赵粤、温昇豪、王振、陈庭萱、陈彦佐)

Why didn’t you tell me that Qiao Yu was sick? It’s lucky that I’m a friend of the teacher, and asked a favor for you. He will give you two the punishment of truancy. Thank you. You haven’t showed up recently, you will be here, right? The swimming team has trained a lot more. It depends. Right, this […]

【ENG SUB】熱血高校 JUDO HIGH EP08(主演:蒋雪鸣、陈昊宇、曹佑宁、赵粤、温昇豪、王振、陈庭萱、陈彦佐)

Fighting, fighting, fighting. Fighting, fighting, fighting. Scored. Fighting, fighting, fighting. Scored. Fighting。 Scored. Ippon. That’s awesome. Yaxin, Yaxin, Yaxin. Fighting, fighting. Negative. What happened? What are you doing? Asking you. What are you watching? You don’t care about your own competition. It’s cool. You are spying for us. Look how others play. Do you think you can beat […]

【ENG SUB】熱血高校 JUDO HIGH EP03(主演:蒋雪鸣、陈昊宇、曹佑宁、赵粤、温昇豪、王振、陈庭萱、陈彦佐)

Our elites of Judo club! You guys didn’t late unexpectedly. Why are you so late? That’s because I’m not here alone. Let’s welcome the new member of our Judo club, Ms.Yu Jia, who is also our best player. What do you mean the best? Nice to meet you, my name is Yu Jia. OK, you meet each other. […]

【ENG SUB】熱血高校 JUDO HIGH EP05(主演:蒋雪鸣、陈昊宇、曹佑宁、赵粤、温昇豪、王振、陈庭萱、陈彦佐)

Godmother, you’re such a nice people. You just donate such good clothes. I used to do a lot of bad things, I should have done something good at all. My godmother is so kind and beautiful. What color are you dying this time? This time they said it sales best in the supermarket, called Galaxy Grey. Mom, you’re […]

【ENG SUB】熱血高校 第二季 JUDO HIGH EP05(主演:蒋雪鸣、陈昊宇、曹佑宁、赵粤、温昇豪、王振、陈庭萱、陈彦佐)

So you did do to learn swimming today. Forget it. I just put my foot into the swimming pool today, then I felt that my whole body was almost swallowed by the whole ocean. I feel like that I won’t learn how to swim my whole life. Is that difficult? You went to the swimming pool everyday before, […]

【ENG SUB】熱血高校 JUDO HIGH EP09(主演:蒋雪鸣、陈昊宇、曹佑宁、赵粤、温昇豪、王振、陈庭萱、陈彦佐)

Come on, be quick. Ying Ruocheng, you could have done more than that. Come on, run! Qiao Yu. Come on, you will be 5kg fatter if you are the last one. Come on, run! I’m too tiered to run anymore. Get up. Take a break. One,two. One,two. One,two. I will show you what is the real running. I […]

【ENG SUB】熱血高校 JUDO HIGH EP11(主演:蒋雪鸣、陈昊宇、曹佑宁、赵粤、温昇豪、王振、陈庭萱、陈彦佐)

Let’s go. Did you make up your mind? Didn’t you see that I have worn a new clothes? And a little pink vest inside. Really official, right? The game hasn’t done yet. It’s fine. Come on, come with me. Where to go? Go to have hotpot. Let’s go. Where to go? Xiaomu. There, that hotpot is good. Xiaomu. […]