【ENG SUB】熱血高校 JUDO HIGH EP02(主演:蒋雪鸣、陈昊宇、曹佑宁、赵粤、温昇豪、王振、陈庭萱、陈彦佐)

Somebody is just ignorant The person she likes have joined us. She still resists Cao Yun Qing has signed Why are you still hesitate Do I have to personally teach you? Think of it Join our judo club you can see the person you like everyday You can flirt with him Don’t do that Press here So how […]

【ENG SUB】熱血高校 第二季 JUDO HIGH EP01(主演:蒋雪鸣、陈昊宇、曹佑宁、赵粤、温昇豪、王振、陈庭萱、陈彦佐)

Are you sure this is the way? Let me see. Maybe. Be careful. Could it be that wild? I… I’m sure. Will the coach hide the key in a such dangerous place? What if we met some pig or wolf or snake, I will stand up for you. I will show you my ability. We are getting inside, […]