Road Movie / ロードムービー – Asian Kung-Fu Generation (English Subtitles)

The tram is leaving the town Advertisments hang The midummer scenery outside the window wavers Slipping in the valleys between buildings At the second train platform the sunlight appears through the clouds Summer’s third base is over Like a siren in the distance Someday I’ll gather up all my dreams Closing my eyes, I think of the future […]

【鋼の錬金術師】リライト – 星乃めあ / 歌ってみた【アジカン】Fullmetal Alchemist Opening – Rewrite

Rewrite​Rewrite​by ASIAN KUNG-FU GENERATION​by ASIAN KUNG-FU GENERATION​Lyrics/Music by Gotoh Masafumi​Lyrics/Music by Gotoh Masafumi​Covered by Hoshino Mea​Covered by Hoshino Mea​Art/Video by Sunohara Tsukushi​Art/Video by Sunohara Tsukushi​kishinda omoi o hakidashita ino wa​The reason I want to spit out these sentiments is​sonzai no shoumei ga hokani nai kara​Because there’s no other proof of my existence​tsukanda hazu no boku no mirai wa​My […]

Siren / サイレン – Asian Kung-Fu Generation (English Subtitles)

Thank you We are Asian Kung-Fu Generation I reach out with my slender arms A passing mayfly Please share your beautiful wings My distant eyes watered In the night fog, like a heat haze you shimmer and disappear As my heart is melting away This painful white urge won’t cool down It runs through the all corners of […]

Kouya wo Aruke / 荒野を歩け – Asian Kung-Fu Generation (English Subtitles)

This is Asian Kung-Fu Generation It’s great to be here tonight She pushed off on her skateboard and zoomed through main street Glided down the rain gutter and a light darkness gleams Boys still a little too short even on tiptoes Shake the world Words like “be true to yourself” Shred and scatter them somewhere Sadness without reason […]