Taekwondo Kicks : Taekwondo Round Kick & Skip Round Kick

Taekwondo Kicks : Taekwondo Round Kick & Skip Round Kick

Now, in this next clip we’re going to be learning
how to do a round kick and a skip round kick. So, a round kick, go ahead and put up your
guards, you’re going to pick up your leg and pull it all the way behind you, kicking your
butt, that’s one, two, you’re going to kick out all the way at two o’clock, come back
in and down. So, from here pick up your foot, kick all the way at two o’clock, and all the
way back, notice how my chamber, I have a straight line, my legs not here or sagging
down here, it’s up as high as my knee is pointed, that’s as high as I’m going to kick, and I’ve
got a nice straight body with a good arch, kick, and down. Now, when you’re kicking make
sure your toes are pointed completely straight, you do not want to have them come like this,
or you’re going to break your toes. Alright, now let’s go ahead and take a look at our
foot positioning. So, if I’m kicking down my line, I’m going to pick up my foot and
my back leg’s going to, my foot’s going to pivot all the way on this line and my whole
body’s going to be straight parallel to this line. So, up, boom, o.k. So, it’s important
to have a good pivot. So, the pivot is really important because it turns your hips over
and makes you kick harder and from your hips is where, where is all your power, not from
your leg. So, your hips is going to swing your leg around and give you that power. Now,
when you kick, make sure you don’t kick right here at twelve o’clock, you want to kick through
your target, all the way to two o’clock and pull it all the way back. So, your skip round
kick, you’re just going to take a step, skip, pick up your leg and kick, that’s going to
be the offensive. So, take a step, jump where your foot is, jump here, then kick. So, take
a step, foot goes where the other one is, then kick and that is going to be your round
kick to skip round kick. So, let’s do both of them together, one, two, hi-ya.


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  • My point was correct – no, your toes do not break because of the force – Trust me; I have broken quite a few red boards with my toes pulled back and not broken my toes and not many people I know would ever attempt to break a board using their instep like that. I know that Kyokushin and Muay Thai use there shin/instep a lot on neck, knees and ribs but not board braking that way. Come on – are you for real? Do you break with your instep?

  • No – I'm English. Let me set this right – /I/ used to break with the ball of my foot and never broke my toes or ligaments that way. If you break using your instep – that's great too. General Choi taught that the toes should be bent back to kick with the ball of the foot. That was my diluted opinion; my original point was that these tutorial titles don't match the martial arts being demonstrated.

  • Just out of interest "nexislex" how do 'you' break using a front-kick then if "it will break your toes when you bend them back" or do you manage use your instep somehow for a front-kick too? Just curious :p

  • No – I'm English. Let me set this right – /I/ used to break with the ball of my foot and never broke my toes or ligaments that way. If you break using your instep – that's great too. General Choi taught that the toes should be bent back to kick with the ball of the foot. Just out of interest "nexislex" how do 'you' break clay tiles using a front-kick then if "it will break your toes when you bend them back" or do you manage use your instep somehow for a front-kick too? Just curious :p

  • Britishbulldog87 says:

    lolz.. why is there a debate about the correct way to kick with a front kick? lol.. front kick = kick with ball of foot.. turning/round/roundhouse kick = kick with top of foot/bottom of shin.. and whenever you kick either front or turning kick, toes should be pulled ~away~ from your target 😀 hope that settles the dispute 😀

  • diego sanchez says:

    It kinda sounds like hes saying foot goeswheretheotheroneisnt all in one word…but theres alot of places where the other one isnt…that doesnt narrow it down too much

  • Caleb your the man. I favorited a couple of your vids and use them to practice my kicking form. Restarted TKD after a 10 years absence so I need all the help I can get. Please dont listen to these youtube haters. Everyone on here is a expert. Lol. Keep bringing the vids if you can. Thanks for the vids and keep up the great work in TKD. Peace.

  • Christopher Medina says:

    ur kicks are too slow and for the roundhouse kick u shouldnt put ur leg touching all the way too ur but and kick out waste of time just kick out using ur speed and hip rotation more power and faster kick

  • throw one of those kicks in the thai ring and the other fighter will laugh at you while he's breaking your ribs.

  • mate its thai, as in muay thia, as in from thailand. not tai chi so stop being a tit.

    2 – in "MMA/UFC" (btw MMA is the sport, UFC is the company) they never kick like this. ever. period. fact. because they kick like thai boxers using the hips to throw the kick and connect with the shins. very few people flick their leg at their opponent face to try and hit with the top of the foot. thats just stupid.

    and 3 the back arm in the above video is coming across his chest – not protecting ribs.

  • come back and argue with me when you've had some proper ring fights mate. if you wanna talk about arts "being weak" then wtf are you doing shit kwon do for.

  • it's not about throwing to the head -thats very good and well. But this particular style of kick… ie the tae kwon do, tradition karate-ish style has no power in it. thats why kyokushin and mma and muay thai etc all kick with the shin and throw fro mthe hips, not the knee.

  • crocop is one of the best MMA knockout artists, despite being old. He uses TKD kicks such as this using his instep, not shin

  • Every punch in boxing is not meant to knock an opponent out. Every kick in martial arts is not meant to knock an opponent out.

    You throw the roundhouse and the skip roundhouse like you throw a jab. You throw the thai kick like you throw a hook.

  • Until you've competed with an olympic-level competitor, don't talk. Muay thai is awesome, but it sounds like the martial arts where you're from are really weak.

  • People don't throw kicks like this in K! or MMA. The reason being its a weak and useless kick. Too many weaknesses for no gain. And especially in the MMA ring it's all too easy to rush through the kick and totally ignore it.

    And mate – I've seen olympics tae kwon do and that crap. it's the most ridiculous shit ive ever seen. put one of those guys in the K1 ring with a 10 kilo advantage and they'll still look like a kid trying to fight with adults.

  • I trained in both Taekwondo(ITF) and karate(Goshinryu) and ther was NEVER any master taught us tat using turning kick wit the power of KNEE instead of HIP. Obviously tis guy is so fucking wrong probly he is WTF style taekwondo, wat a disgrace to TKD.

  • Dude i dun think u get wat i mean, i dun reli care wat is his direction as in real sparring ther will be no fix direction. I said this guy throws kick frm his knee but NOT the hips, which is wrong and which is no power.

    Ya in tis clip he said tat "power came frm hips but nt the knee", but he still did it wrongly(wit knee), wat he said doesnt match wit wat he did.

  • If you are stating that none of your teachers taught you to use your hips for the power of your kick, then I am afraid you have kicks of very little use and much flash. But perhaps I misunderstood what you were saying.

  • this is an example of a point sparring round kick if anything. They are meant for speed and surprise, not necessarily for strength. But yes, a traditional round kick should be from the hip.

  • This is has got to be WTF, I never heard the names of this kicks until I see the demo and I realise what kicks they are. I do ITF, and what I ve been taught that this kick is, is a Turning Kick

  • Dollyo Chagi is literally "Turning Kick" but, it is also called a Round Kick or Roundhouse Kick, describing the kicking motion of the leg.

  • Then you need to blame the Dojang you were studying at and not the art. What you just explained was Olympic style OR WTF style Taekwondo, not traditional or ITF TKD. In short your downing something you obviously don't know about.

  • Idk, I woulden't really raise my leg before throwing the kick, if anyone knows what I mean?

    I would stand in a position with my leg down on flour and throw the kick in a "bow" from the flour up as high as I can, hopefully someone gets me.

  • @Guard655
    Kicking at an angle such as you decribe will rob you of power. For maximum power, the roundhouse needs to be paralell to the ground. A front leg kick is inherently less powerful than a rear, but it's faster, like a jab. That's not to say there's no power in them. I've broken 4" of pine with a front leg roundhouse,and that's far more power than is needed to break a rib. Of course, the kick as described in this video is for sparring. For breaking, you strike with the ball of the foot.

  • @Cepe777a since TKD turned into a olympic sport dojangs now train you in TKD sparring more than the original TKD in korea some TKD schools make you do training just like american football players and teach you kicking and punching and other things

  • no what you dont wanna do that lol what you wanna do is always be direct you always wanna b ready bounce on your feet back an forth

  • I noticed some people talking about MT and TKD comparing them.

    Let me say as a person who uses them both that Muay Thai definitely has the stronger Round House because they use the hips instead of the joints so they pack more weight into their kicks.

    Overall both martial systems are great and powerful.
    1 thing people should also do is not become hypnotized by sports. Yeah sports is the only way to watch a fight, but real self defense is the best of any martial art.
    Traditional beats sport.

  • RandomsInCheese says:

    Im muay thai aswell.. both kicks are pretty good but go with the elbows and knees thats where the realy power comes from =D

  • @RandomsInCheese True but theres the whole range thing aswell :/. I prefer my kicks overall. Then Knees and then punches.

  • @davidp1023 You wanna know what the trick is; By keeping your hands up that keeps your balance up. And streching helps this as well.

  • One thing he does wrong, he says not to try to kick with your footpad. By the reality is that if trained well, it can be more deadly than kicking with the ball of the foot.


  • @mmacritics and in my taekwondo kick they teach the round kick with the footpad and for style(poomesees) with the bal of the foot

    //judo(12 years)/taekwondo(8 years) specialist

  • good split stretch contributes to one-foot balance with other leg high. I don't agree with the toe's straight comment. Toes bent backwards .. strike with ball or outer edge of foot – depending on kick. Develop tons of power with good fast hip rotation in this kick. Toes back tho. His guard is kinda weak. Elbows out more – arms out more too. His fist is oddly cocked too. But you gotta get past his kick to capitalize on this less-than-ideal defense.

  • one is fighting technique and technique for formes and power breaking. In fighting technique we hit vith instep bone, in power breaking and form technique we kick vith the sole pad.

  • you say you can brake your toes (noooooooooot true ) karate kick has a kick like this but with toes pointed outword ( dont talk a baut something you dont know ) 😀

  • you do not hit with toes in TKD nor karate.
    the same kick used for breaking is slightly different but you never hit with toes
    except maybe for some ancient kung fu style

  • erickson hermosisima says:

    @jansssr ,have you tried kicking with your toes full blast ??, to use toes to hit target, it need toe strenghtening practice to endure impact.. .we dont use our toes to kick so we dont strengten it, we just use it to bounce,. will you use your finger to punch not your fist?? only if you strenghten your finger.. if you believe karatedo doing it, not in tkd.. so we dont teach novice to do it. and if in other art do use their toes, we dont… you are the one talking nonsense.

  • @ICET100 wth are u tlking bout u make no sense at all bro….it's not a "turning kick" or round house it's jus a round kick…watch kwonkicker's vids

  • @Kniitte yes it does fucking idiot !!! write in the search box Mawashi geri and click the first one and you will see Idiot

  • Oh good greif…different styles and even different schools in the same style call the same kicks different things, a turning kick and a round kick are the same thing. Use some common sense and quit trolling.

  • Shadowreeper213 says:

    My favorite taekwondo kick along with the side kick. I've gotten a lot of my points in competition by hopping around and chasing my opponent while doing a bunch of hi and low round and side kicks.

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