Taekwondo – How to land kicks through blocks | Olympians’ Tips

Taekwondo – How to land kicks through blocks | Olympians’ Tips

HOW TO… The tip I’m going to give you
today is on kicks, which can
score you a lot of points. There are countless numbers
of different kicks. So rather than talking about
which is good and which is bad, I want to talk about
how to land your kicks through your opponent’s blocks. and how to alter your
kick timings using steps and movements. LAND KICKS THROUGH BLOCKS It’s impossible to cover
the whole body with two arms. So, depending on where your
opponent’s arms are positioned, you need to practise targeting unguarded areas
with your kicks. If the guards are low,
target your opponent’s head. If the guards are high,
you should target the body. Even if it takes time, targeting correctly and kicking
accurately is very important. Also, if the opponent’s arms
are in front, use longer kicks. And if they are behind,
use front kicks. You should practise
targeting unguarded areas. Now on to steps and movements. Forward step and kick
or back step and kick. Flowing movements and kicks are
the key in achieving success against opponents with
good movements and blocking. Hope you find this video
helpful. Thank you. HOW TO…


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