Taekwondo Belt Levels | Taekwondo Training

The level, or the belt system: In Tae Kwon
Do, everyone starts out as a white belt. They gradually try to come up and go up to
the next belt to, at the end, towards the black belt. One thing is that every school is a little
different. Sometimes their belt system might be from
white belt, to orange belt, to green belt, to purple belt, to brown belt. Some schools from white belt, to yellow belt,
to blue belt, and maybe they might have a stripe; blue stripe, to red belt, to red stripe,
and a pre-black belt, and then to the black belt. Again, every school is a little different
on the belt system, but usually it takes about, maybe two years or a little less than two
years to become a black belt. Once you hit the black belt, it doesn’t mean
you’re already a master of Tae Kwon Do. Basically, when you get your black belt, it
means that you’ve just finished your basic training. That means you know how to do a roundhouse
kick, ax kick, back kick, and everything basic. Once you hit the black belt, there are degrees
of black belt. There is first degree, second degree, third
degree, and up and up and up. The longer you train, the belt degrees go
higher and higher. One thing is, during the black belt, you learn
more of an understanding of the techniques, such as how to use them, the right and proper
timing and distance. Also, I believe, training longer helps you
understand a little bit more of the philosophy of the martial art also so we become more
mature and wiser for our life. I think that’s what it is about reaching that
black belt.


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