Taekwondo 2018 – Tiger Rock World Championship Road Trip

Taekwondo 2018 – Tiger Rock World Championship Road Trip

Real Fun! where we go in where are we going today. nuffin All right Ryan, where are we heading? Birmingham Alabama to the taekwondo world championship If no one is wearing a Will Rise Tiger Rock shirt, then I have to give Ryan $200. We’re at the Birmingham Jefferson Davis Convention Center we’re going to watch some martial arts competitions.
Ryan’s really worried about his Tiger Rock shirt [Oriental Music] We made it, we’re here! There are ninjas everywhere in this place! [kids yelling martial arts chants] [kids yelling during Tiger Rock Forms] [sparring sounds] [sound effects of Captain America fighting bad guy] [martial arts sound effects] [crowd cheering for Captain America] I found a non competing kid in the same (Tiger Rock) shirt. I win! I had my fingers crossed. oh no I don’t think so. Evan, did you bet me? You didn’t bet, all right. I’m sorry, but I had them crossed. Are you guys ready to go? Yes sir! [music during martial arts demonstrations] [loud martial arts yell] [loud martial arts yell] [loud martial arts yell] what you think about that? Very dramatic! We’re leaving the World Tournament What did you think about it Evan? Good! Yea, what was your favorite part? Probably the, the, um Mine was the XP demonstrations What about Captain America? That was funny! Let’s do it! ninja moves from Logan [clanging sound and cat screech sound] We had our first ninja injury Evan
roundhouse kicked his own nose good thing you weren’t competing in the tournament [fail sound effect] [laughing] ok, go for it! I did Ryan’s move. That was Ryan’s move!


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