“Szukanie KORZENI” – Kraków – Wing Tsun Kung Fu Vlog odc. 6

“Szukanie KORZENI” – Kraków – Wing Tsun Kung Fu Vlog odc. 6

Good morning. We’ve had breakfast
with coffee, and we’ve
ordered the cab. Sifu Dariusz is
waiting for me to pick up
our Master from the hotel. Afterwards it’s back
to the gym to train. I hope that
during lunch break I’ll be able
to find some time to show you around Kraków,
the Old Town and the Wawel. The city is beatiful so there’s
lots of things to see. Until then! Walking around the Wawel
I had this thought which I’d like
to share with you. In the past,
the Wawel was home to the Polish kings. The Polish nation
has deep roots here. Wing Tsun also
has its roots – it’s our masters
who provide us with knowledge
and inspiration. I came to
the conclusion that while it is
important to have a master, this master has
to have their roots and their knowledge
drawn from another, with deep roots
in tradition. There’s a 350-year-old
tradition to Wing Tsun. Its origins are the subject
of confusion, if not legend, related to a lack of
documents from that time to clearly tell us
who taught what, where and when. Only certain
assumptions exist. In his book, Roots and Branches
of Wing Tsun, our Sijo attempts
to research its origins. It is only beginning
with Master Leung Jan that there is
a clear lineage of who taught whom
and when. He was succeeded
by Master Yip Man, Sijo Leung Ting, and our Master –
Sikung Norbert Máday. I’d like to share
some advice not only for
Wing Tsun students. If you wish to specialise
in a certain area, develop yourselves and dedicate a lot of time
towards a given goal first be sure
to verify the sources
of your knowledge, and whether the
person teaching you is passing on the knowledge
of their own master or whether the lineage
is actually much shorter. If we look
back at the past we are able
to evaluate the future. Looking at a tree
you see its crown, but it is the root,
growing deep underground that is the
life source which allows it to
develop for many years. Your knowledge and
your future in a given area also need
their roots to draw its
life-energy from. You need the
knowledge of your teacher, passed on from
their own teacher and stemming from
the very source. The Kraków camp
is officially over. Now it’s time
for Zakopane. But first, some
closing words. I would like to
congratulate all of you who attended
this year’s camp on your new
student grades. It is always a treat to be able
to practice Chi Sau. I’m really glad
that I could participate and share my
knowledge with you. It was a pleasure to work alongside
Sifu Darek. Our Sikung was
brimming with energy so there’s little
left to ask for. I hope that
the camp in Kraków will continue to
thrive in future years. Speaking of
Kraków, I’d like to thank
my fellow instructors, Sifu Tomasz
and Piotr, for arranging
the gym, as it is always
important to have a friendly
environment to train in. I hope the road
to Kościelisko is clear. There shouldn’t
be a lot of snow left owing to
the high traffic and salt
spreaders. So then – next stop:
Kościelisko! Take care!


2 thoughts on ““Szukanie KORZENI” – Kraków – Wing Tsun Kung Fu Vlog odc. 6”

  • Piotr Niewiadomski says:

    Panie Andrzeju, można przywołać słowa naszego wielkiego rodaka, wielkiego człowieka i wielkiego apostoła:
    "Naród, który nie zna swojej przeszłości, umiera i nie buduje przyszłości”- Jan Paweł II;
    przy czym w miejsce naród, wstawić słowo człowiek lub wiele innych węższych określeń.
    Powierzchowność zaś dzisiejszych czasów, a co za tym idzie tryb życia: "Po nas choćby potop (fr. après nous, le déluge)" – nie może prowadzić do pięknych owoców na żadnej przestrzeni życia ludzkiego.
    Kawał dobrej roboty po Pana stronie. Pozdrawiam.

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