Systema: Principle of balance

Systema: Principle of balance

Welcome to another video about the
Systema Kadochnikova. Today I will discuss with you the principle of
balance. In order to understand this principle it is important to know two
things about it and I will demonstrate it using this chair. Every object that
you can imagine has a center of mass and depending on its weight distribution you
can draw an imaginary line downwards to the ground and its center mass will be
located somewhere within the area of the object. In this case, because of the back
of the chair its center mass will be located somewhere around this point. The
second thing is that every object will also have a base of support to have to
understand the balance. So in this case of the chair, the area of balance, or the
base of support is the surface area drawn in between of the legs of the
chair. So balance is, as such, as long as the center mass is located in between
the surface area of the base of support, the object will be stable and it will be
in balance. I can also put disbalance on the object, but its stability will
still be on this position because the center of mass, which can be shown just
like with the stapler. The center of mass is still located in
between of the base of support so, it won’t fall. However, the moment that the
center of mass is located outside the surface area of the base of support, you
will see that the object will lose its stability it but it will try to regain
its balance due to the gravity that holds on to it and as you see now, the
object has a new base of support and it has a center mass,
and so on, and so on as long as an object is under gravity. A
human being is also an object that is also influenced by gravity but we have a
brain that is always trying to regain our balance and to read our position
read our stability so if I may have some assistance to demonstrate. When you look
at the human body and how its influenced by the gravity, its center mass of an
average human being with an average body is located somewhere beneath the
bellybutton. Its surface area or its base of support just like with the chair
you can grab the surface area in between of the legs and that is the base of
support and as you can see the center mass is located in between the surface
of the base of support and the object is stable. However, because it only has two
legs, it will always be a bit out of balance. Imagine a chair with only two legs. It will always, in that plane, have a certain
instability. We have a brain with our balance system just between our ears
that is always monitoring and always registering the way we stand and how
stable we are and will always try to regain it if it is out of balance.
However, if the situation is too much out of balance, it will not be able to regain
it but as you can see the brain is very good at trying to regain its own balance
by making the step and once again putting the center of mass in between
the base of support. So when you are busy with the self-defense, try to remember
how the balance is working during combat. Thank you very much. We hope you’ll find
this information useful. If you do, please like and subscribe to our YouTube
channel and as always we’ll see you the next time on the next video on Systema you


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