Systema DKYoo 유대경 Dkyoo PUNCH explanations (nuclear punch)

Systema DKYoo 유대경 Dkyoo PUNCH explanations (nuclear punch)

[So we have three.] The most important part is the elbow. So the main muscle. Should not use the shoulders. Imagine that there is a ball coming from the ground
and that runs through your whole body. Imagine the tension in your shoulder. Then the ball stays stuck in the shoulder and does not go in the arm. So the energy has to leave first by the shoulder. And extending his arm, straightening his elbow,
the energy spreads into the hand. He will show the fist. So remember to keep your feet connected to the ground. And now, he straightens his knees and
sends the energy into the upper body. Stretching his leg, he gets more strength. Rotating
of the basin, he doubles his strength. You have extended your arm and given impetus
in the hand, which allowed [to exploit this energy]. There is no energy in the wrist to give
a punch. The hand will just bend. The shot is really very relaxed and at the moment
contact, he stretches a little, like a punch. Really at the last second. So he does not shake his fist until the last second. It’s the same as Bruce Lee’s “one inch punch”. The fist is only at the last second. (Music)


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