Syria: Kurdish women fighters vow to avenge soldier’s death

Syria: Kurdish women fighters vow to avenge soldier’s death

A video unbearable to watch. “Watch closely you PKK pigs!” Shouting god is great, Syrian rebels supported by Turkey show the lifeless body of a Kurdish fighter. Barin Kobani is naked and mutilated. The rebels have been accused of cutting off her breasts, which they have denied. The video has sparked fury in the north of
Syria. “Not the Islamic state group nor Erdogan and his cronies will break our
spirit. We’ll fight until our last breath we will avenge Barin’s death.” Supported by the West, thousands of young Kurdish and Arab
women in the Syrian democratic forces are fighting against the Islamic state
terrorist group. “We’re following the path of our martyrs. We’re training and fighting to assert the role of women. The SDF had put up a fight against jihadist militants. Now they consider Syrian rebels backed by Ankara as their number-one enemy. “Our enemies and monsters, they want to crush women, and make them become their slaves. but we’re not going to let them.” “There are lots of us, there are training
camps like this across the region.” SDF fighters killed in combat are
considered martyrs. Photos of Barin kobani bring back memories. In 2012, Asmin was taken hostage by al-Qaeda in Syria. She was freed in exchange for the
body of a commander. “They didn’t rape me, but they electrocuted me to make me
talk. They put out cigarettes on my skin, and they hit me. It was really awful but I didn’t give in. Barin Kobani’s name is known
throughout the Kurdish region of Syria. Women in the SDF and Afrin say they’re
ready to avenge her death.


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