Switch Stance Skipping Roundhouse Kick Attack for Taekwondo Sparring – Sang H. Kim

Technique number nine is switch stance
front foot skipping, rear leg roundhouse kick at closed stance. The
Korean term is Bal Bakwo Apbal Joogo Dwibal Dollyo Chagi. Bal Bakwo means
switching feet. Apbal Joogo is front leg feinting skipping motion. Dwibal is
rear foot. Dollyo Chagi is roundhouse kick. The first step is to switch your stance
to make it an open stance situation. Bring your rear foot toward the front
foot and put your front foot into the opponent’s safety zone. The second step is to do rear leg roundhouse kick to the stomach area. The primary target is the trunk section. The secondary is the facial section. In competition you can use this
technique against opponent who habitually slides back whenever you
initiate attack.


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