Sucker Punch Analysis: 3 Critical Facts You MUST Know!!! [Fight SCIENCE BREAKDOWN]


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  • Thomas Stewart says:

    Sir, you totally remind me of my Sifu Mr. Gadson…your talk, your hand movements, guess that's why I really enjoy your videos..I practice them with my buddy who is also a student of Shaolin Kempo..thank you for your time..blessings

  • "stress is likely to stimulate blah, blah…" only for normal people, fighter learn how to control stress

    "has his hands on his side" they both have, again, cause they're not fighters, they are amateurs.

    2:55 was not a sucker punch, the retard on the green shirt was just too slow, positioning the hand on his back is not to create an angle, it is to make his mind focus on his back and that little second he thinks "something on my ba.." bang! big punch

    Lesson: most people out there are sucker punching faggots, don't expect them to fight fairly like in boxing or something like that. Exterminate them as quickly as possible and get out of there. Watch your back cause there can be more cowards coming.

  • Krišjānis Dzalbe says:

    This vid doesn't seem like sound advice. If someone is that close to you it doesn't matter much what stance you have. If you want to control the others capability to strike you, then you have to either be outside his striking distance or in contact and tangle him up.

  • Dude these people street fighting like girls, don't bitch slap people or punch really fast, one strong, aimed punch does way more damage

  • These guys who sucker punch think they are tough and hard, but really they are pussies who don't want a real toe to toe fight.

  • as the American Gangster Chael P. Sonnen said "I can't let you get close"
    if you let someone hostile get inside your pocket you're asking to get toast

  • shahriar yazdani says:

    Your lessons are pertect only try not to smile always at the end of the lesson its ok to do it sometimes but not alot .

  • Singaporean In Korea / America says:

    The most important thing is, you throw the punch while the "negotiation" is still underway and is therefore unexpected.

  • People are forgetting that it’s typically the person who punches first who wins. Looking at all of these it’s very hard to tell who’s the victor and victim from just looking. The terrible thing is that they all get so close to each other that everything is so hard to predict. But from what I’ve seen, punching first out of nowhere whether as the assailant or assailed typically lands you the win if it connects.

  • I always look at their shoulders. As soon as they chage angle I change distance or put my hands up…because a punch is coming…

  • In my years of training in multiple martial arts the one thing I learned is that if you're in an aggresive situation or a dangerous place, you will lose if you are drinking too much alcohol. With all my training I found myself in the losing end in the past due to my slowed reaction after drinking too much. Try mixing your drinks with non alcoholic drinks if you must socialize. No one will know.

  • Darkforestization says:

    First thing first never let anyone within arms reach of you. It automatically negates this issue. I have an immediate trigger response get within arms reach and I am swinging for the fences or taking you to the ground. Also situational awareness be 100 percent aware of who and what is around you can you get out any weapons to use or to be used against you at any time. The key is the first one keep everyone out of arms reach of you.

  • I say never square up at all, it's the easiest way to get caught off balance with a punch that could knock you down or out and it's also the easiest way to scooped up for a double leg takedown.

    Don't worry about tipping your hand if you're the Defender because the person is up in your face and the fight is about to start anyway.

    If you're the Attacker/Aggressor/Initiator of the fight then you don't want to tip your hand because the element of surprise is to your advantage.

    Positioning is the key, always control the distance between you and the person in your face . Don't let them into your wheelhouse, it's a fight and it's not meant to be fair.

    If you can't walk away then stand your ground by controlling distance and positioning and once he steps inside your wheelhouse unleash the beast.

  • thought rule one was not to get in that predicament in the first place and if you cant see the hips and shoulders your to close ?

  • I was always told 90% of a fight is in the first punch. And if someone is in your face talking crap hit them while they are talking. Aim for the throat because the heads natural reaction is to tuck the chin.

  • here in our country no sucker punches.. because it is a cowardly doings.. we fight 1 on 1 if both agreed . and no holding no clinching. and if they don't want fist fight.. we gun fight.

  • You should teach every steps practically one by one… U dont hit the guy standing before u so why u need him here… If u want to teach us the real fight then attack him and he must teach us how to block that attack in the street fight. Videos dont teach anything , those r random fight.

  • These videos are so important. Situational awareness, tunnel vision, stress, where we look. Overcoming these things does not come naturally, not to me, anyway.

  • This video could have been 2 seconds hah. Don't let someone get literally inches from your face haha. Like good old Chale Sonnen said. "I can't let you get close!"

  • There was a local guy here who got sucker punched in a bar confrontation. He got dropped and hit his head off the ground. Wound up dead on the spot.

    Avoid these situations.

  • You might consider something that keeps the guy you're fighting from hitting the back of his head on the pavement. It's a dangerous blow, and even in self defense, you can't depend on someone videotaping the encounter with a cell phone. If your opponent is seriously injured or even killed by that secondary blow, YOU WILL GO TO JAIL, maybe for years. Best you just smash their testicles, if you ask me.

  • Excellent analysis of street fighting tactics. I'm going to assume some, if not all, could apply to what a lot of people call "the interview," or "interviewing" a law biding citizen for the position of victim. I've been trying to get on peoples case about studying pre-contact cues and incorporating them into their self defense training. I shouldn't be that much work just to add a little bit more before doing another repetition of their self-defense techniques, right?

  • i'm 3/3 in sucker punches. once someone did it to me and i survived and won the fight it became my tactic and it never failed me. no rules in the street

  • rishikesh jadhav says:

    Take Away !
    Swing first or
    Be alert have ur hand in up front and
    Stay tooooo close to get an hit
    Stay tooooo far to even think getting an hit

  • Roll with the punch! It's an old Muhammad Ali trick…when the blow reach the point of contact slightly turn your head in the away from the blow to lessen the impact. The following is my opinion, watch the shoulders and see which one flinch, it will give you an head start 👍

  • Salut,
    Vous n'êtes champion du monde de rien, pour moi, un tour au sur un ring vous ferait perdre votre blanc sourire… Je reste à votre disposition si vous passez en France…

  • I have watch thousands of fight You never see any of them with their hand up.
    This video is key.learning to read body language in combat. Every one that's about to attack you gives a gesture their about to hit.

  • Or just avoid stupid arguments with assholes. I just never get in fights. I feel people who do are looking for some kind of validation.

  • i think i commented here before.. trainer guy must of hated my un sellable technique… it in all most all the exampes. hands down (right handed) turn left almost sideways…throw your left in his face..not a punch a move just to turn his head…. knoock him out with your right,,, ( the button) jawline… easy peasy… a real fights start if that doesnt work….next move after your hit the button grab something near his face,,, shirt neck, no shirt hair, if hes bald( that sucks) but now you can turn your head and flail haymakers… his head is telegraphed from your grasp. and you can pull his face ito your punches…pretty esy to beat people up… most important part of fighting be lean… bulky people cant fight a most importand dont be afraid to get hits, its no big deal unless he knows how to hurt you…. so thats that guy now… you'll live.

  • I'm a new subscriber I love your videos your attention to detail and friendly approach what makes them easy to watch

  • I'm a boxer and I do not agree with the tunnel vision ….. The angles talked about arent a issue. There are angles but not accurately described in this video.

  • Flyin’ Brian says:

    1 don t let them get on your space, 2 try to avoid it because one punch can kill someone and then where will you be

  • George Melchor says:

    Fuck sucker punchers! That shit is coward status straight out. Not saying they were all sucker punchers but i seen a few in that video.

  • Its only a sucker punch if you hit a person from the blind. Not if a dude you having an argument with is in your face and punches you first and fast. A lot of these kids are not sucker punches. If you have an altercation it might get violent so be ready at all times.


    Distance distance distance. Anyone too close gets hit first and hit hard. What he's showing is the always telegraphed shoulder positioning and one leg back. Take advantage of it

  • Johnny Santore-Tovar says:

    Only recommendation from someone who has trained professionally is to keep your body towards the whole group and always have your hands up and ready.

  • Sylvanus Joseph says:

    Sorry you are completely wrong at 5.20. While its true that putting your hands up is a sign of aggression its also the best lesson in self defence to always be ready with hands up and body to the side as a result the humans body target in minimise. For those of you listening to this NEVER face your attacker as this guys states square on.

  • chetachukwu kenneth says:

    No body can teach the Technics of knockout…it just happens……sucker …punch…is an unexpected punch…the damage done is determined by the strength of the sucker !

  • Ardiansyah Batoebara says:

    I'm in this situation few times in my life, and lost once because I'm to feed up with provocation and cannot take action first. Lessons I learned from that time:

    1. never arguing with a looser, they're just born to be beaten.
    2. you stay = you fight = attack first

    But if it's with gang member or dangerous person I just walk away with my life attached, that's for the best.

  • Never makes you a big man to sucker punch anyone from behind.

    In a one on one face off if you get first dig different story.

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