(Sub español)  Hyadain – Yie Ar Kung-Fu Rap [【ヒャダイン】ーイーアルカンフーで、ラップ]

(Sub español) Hyadain – Yie Ar Kung-Fu Rap [【ヒャダイン】ーイーアルカンフーで、ラップ]

Yes, I’m the first one! A master with the Bo wearing blue tights, les’t go this! My metabolic body is going to beat you today, yeah! But I don’t guard the lower half of my body, an unexpected blind spot Maybe if I attach myself to my Ruyi Jingu Bang, I can be self-confident in that extent, ha ha! One, two, three, four My specialthy is fire breathing But with the cost of oil rising and its effect on our finances, makes it hard for me to breathe out fire… Earthquakes, thunders, fires, wife and my mom depend of my earnings… Today I will work for the sake of my family, tomorrow it’ll be my Yoga Fire! Calming problems between Japan and China Yie Ar Kung-Fu Yeah! I’m the one who uses chains, yeah! ☆Chains☆ ☆Chains☆ ☆Chains☆ I like chains to get myself completely bound by them Some ask me if I prefer S (sadism) or M (masochism), of course I answer M. One of these days I wanna get bound by Sailor Venus Love-Me Chains Hey, wanna do it? I took an oath to never be defeated by anyone, in the corner I held onto this tightly in my chest Wait! I’m the one who established this character! What happened to that CAPCOM?! I’m not gonna lick your butt KONAMI, I’m prepared for everything! Tianjin chestnuts and Oolong te Yie Ar Kung-Fu Soar to the skies, soar to the skies Completely Ignoring Earth’s gravity by flaying over the skies My right hand knocks you down with a frontal thrust out like Ultraman, Ultraman Seven Godman, Zone, Chargeman, and Spiderman all got nothing on me My white pantaloons, my proof as the hero, is turning kind of yellow The pioneer of hand-to-hand fighting games Yie Ar Kung-Fu Kya!


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